Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Fashionable Root Canal, et al.

Big day today. If the snow holds off, I'll get to have a Monday afternoon root canal.

In celebration, I've decided that I'm just going to start giving away piles of new books. Any followers are included in the drawing, but I'm not in this for the promotion. (What, exactly, I'd be promoting, I don't know--except the blog, of course.) So, if you all actively keep followers away, as of now, everybody would probably win books-LOL! But I'd love for you to tell your friends about the blog if you enjoy reading it.

Anyway, if the root canal does happen, I may be curled up in a sweatshirt ball over the next couple of days. You'll know where I'll be.

A couple catch-up ensembles:

Day 138:


This was such a fun outfit to wear. You can see the dogs approved. (Told you they want to be in every picture...) We had a brief break in the ultra-cold snap, and I wasn't leaving the house all day. Comfy.
Norma Kamali Terry Jogging pants: $15; Norma Kamali Athletic Dress (ls): #20; White Stag cotton scoop neck shirt: $12; White Stag  Necklace $10 (the cat broke it later that evening, darn it); L.E.I. flats (faux suede/faux sheepskin): $20  (I think); Earrings: $35   Total: $112

Day 139: Had Bengal take a quick pic with my phone while we ate at a local Mexican restaurant. Sadly, it came out too blurry. 

RL gray sweater: $21; Scarf: $5; White Stag turtle: $7; Earrings: $7; Faded Glory jeans: $15  Total: $55

Day 140:

Good hair day, not my favorite sweater day. Though I do like it better than that asparagus green one. It is blessedly warm, given that it's fairly hefty cotton. Love it with the blouse. Unfortunately, the blouse is 60/40. : (  Can't win them all.

Sweater (Sam's): $17 (now on clearance for $4.41--go get them if you need a decent cotton knock-around); George blouse: $12; Jones NY stretch jeans in gray: $18 (Sam's); Earrings: $35; Faded Glory boots: $23    Total: $105

Cracked myself up looking for Valentine's Day nightwear at the mothership today. Special post on that soon.
TTFN! Have a great week!


  1. Eeek!!! Good luck with the root canal! For most of my life I hated dentists. It wasn't until I met the guy my parents go to now that I began to be okay with dentists as a whole. (He likes "Lord of the Rings" so we talked geek). Now, however, I am down here which means I haven't been to a dentist in four years. (:-/)

  2. Hey, Becca. It went fine. I have a fabulous, funny dentist here. Pardon me while I fuss at you, girl child: Go to the dentist!!!!!