Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day-wear or Nightwear, as it were.

Because sometimes Valentine's Day pretties from Victoria's Secret are too classy anyway....

Smart & Sexy bra: $10; Smart & Sexy boyleg panties: $5 (Note: Color on the label reads CRANTSTC. Hm. Crantastic, maybe?)

Smart & Sexy gown: $14

What can I say? Really, I've done us all a HUGE favor by not modeling these for you. I was surprised at WalMart's limited Valentine selection. There were far more choices up in the front of the clothing department near the sweats and workout wear. Definitely more pajama than lingerie. 
I heard a radio commercial for the PajamaGram people today. They were advertising their Hoodie-Footie suit:


Couldn't find anything like this at the mothership. But let me ask you...Say, you're a woman, and your Valentine gives you an attractively wrapped box full of nightwear. Which would be your preference? The Hoodie-Footie or something lacy and, well, kind of sexy? Or would you prefer a cotton cami and boy shorts, or maybe an Eeyore or Tinkerbell nightshirt? (Lots of those at the mothership!)

Day 141:

My face is all shadowy here, like I need a shave. Aside from the fact that my indoor photography sucks, I think I'm getting kind of vampire pale this winter. It's just been too darned cold to spend much time outside taking pics of myself.

Sweater: Grace Elements: $20 (Sam's. It's the batwing cotton sweater that I have in purple as well.) George turtle: $10; Nine West Jeans: $17 (Sam's); White Stag necklace: $8; Earrings: $7; Faded Glory Boots: $23  Total: $82

Day 142:

My favorite Norma Kamali sweater: $20; White Stag turtle: $7; Norma Kamali Cords: $15; That Damn Necklace: $7; Earrings: $3 (clearance); F'Uggs: $30 (Sam's)   Total: $82
Day 143:

Now here's a glamor shot! This is how I spend cold winter afternoons--editing on the couch. The throw/blanket is not from WalMart, but blankets don't count. I think Bengal brought it back for me from his trip out west this summer.

RL sweater: $21 (Sam's); Faded Glory jeans: $15; Earrings: $12; random socks: ?  Total: $48

One last thing:
Totally random winner of the first Stack O' Mystery Books drawing is...Holly W! She'll receive NEW WORLD MONKEYS, THE MURDERED HOUSE, FACES IN THE POOL, THE WATER'S EDGE, and ILLEGAL.

I think I'll give more away next week, too. 

Go send those Valentines! xo


  1. I've been hearing the hourly ads for Pajamagram's Hoodie-Footie on SIRIUS, and went to their website this morning to check them out. I was shocked to find that they are 1) $99.95, and 2) back-ordered UNTIL SEPTEMBER.

    Make no mistake, I absolutely LOVE pajamas. Might even name any and all children I am blessed with Nick and Nora, in fact. But $99 and a seven month wait for an adult onesie? I don't get it.

    I am also shocked that any man would get one of them for his girlfriend/wife for Valentine's day. There is nothing sexy about them, if you ask me!

  2. Toss a pair of bunny ears on that hoodie-footie and you've got a perfect bunny suit for halloween. Not the bunny suit and in Hefner and the mansion, mind you, just a plain old rabbit suit.

  3. Yeah...I'm not sure about the hoodie/footie, tho it looked soft at least! Congrats to Holly W! : )

  4. Er . . . when I saw the first few pictures, I wondered what your picture would be! ;)