Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 95 +++ A New Year Begins!

Don't you just love all the possibilities that a single change in the calendar brings? Seasonal changes--of weather, of emotions, of relationships, of wardrobes--enchant me. They always bring renewal of some kind. Change. I think I'm addicted to change. Maybe because of the whole ADHD thing, or maybe because I just like it.

I woke up sick with the flu exactly two weeks ago--the day after I got my H1N1 shot. I know that everyone says you can't get sick from a dead virus, but it feels awfully coincidental to me. I only started feeling better two days ago, when I announced that I was finally ready for Christmas to start. *sigh* I feel like the holidays passed in a kind of goomy fog. But we did manage to get up a lovely, once-alive Christmas tree that filled our house with real pine scent, and got to spend Christmas day in our sweats and/or jammies while we played with our new toys. I call that a success.

I have so many projects in the works....Later this week, I will finish the draft of my third novel. I'm working on a story for a fun Wal-Mart-themed anthology, looking forward to the UK release of the paperback edition of Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts and also the July publication of 100 Must-Read Thrillers--a book of essays in which I have some work. Add to that, my continuing WM adventure and a major decluttering of Camp Benedict. To mention one, I'm delving into my closet, reorganizing. I've come to the stunning realization that my WM wardrobe is nearly as large as my regular wardrobe--minus the evening clothes, of course. Shocking. I also took 27 pounds of shoes to the Goodwill. That's kind of shocking, too.

Here's the pile:

And that doesn't even include boots--fashion, snow, or rain. Or the 14 pairs of WM/Sam's shoes and boots I've bought. Or the thirteen pairs I found in my office closet where I kept the ones I only wear once every couple of years. But my shoe burden is now 27 pounds lighter. I probably should've tossed another 5-10 pounds. Baby steps....

Do you have long, slim elegant feet like me? I wear a 9 M. I have this darling pair of textured grape Joan & David flat loafers that I bought for $30 at TJ Maxx last spring and have never worn. Want them? Be the first to comment that you do--but you have to promise that they suit your style and you will wear them. And I want a picture of you in them!

Here they are:

So many photo days to catch up on...Though I will confess to many gaps. No one wants to see pics of me having the flu. I promise. And I lost a day somewhere. But one of my new goals is not to get uptight about the rules I make for myself. I'll stick to them, but I'm not going to drive any of us crazy any more doing it. (Okay. I'm the crazy one, but I appreciate anyone's willingness to share...)

In that vein, I must confess that I wore my pearls in the two hours before I went to bed last night. (I was wearing jammies and did not leave the house.)Not my $18 WM pearls, but the gorgeous string my DH bought me years ago when we were young and in love and not very wise with our money.  I posted earlier about pearl health. There's no way I'm going to let my babies die. And having someone else wear them so they'll stay healthy--well, that just doesn't feel right. Like sending one's only child to be nursed by a wet nurse!

Quick ensemble (also purple--must be in the zeitgeist):

Day 95 (I think). This is me looking relatively sane--In a woke-up-with-the-flu-feel-like-crap way.

Here I am a few minutes later looking slightly insane. I'd forgotten I had a purple beret. And I really was wearing two earrings. I swear:

Beret: $5; Scarf: $5; Jewelry: $7 and $7; White Stag sweater: $10; Chaus turtleneck: $8 (Sam's); Faded Glory boots: $23; Norma Kamali jeans: $15  Total: $80

I promise never to wear a matching beret and sweater again. They were just there. Really.

Have a brilliant week!


  1. Oops--a correction. Did a count last night and discovered that I have 23 pairs of WM/Sam's shoes. Yep.

  2. Laura, Laura, Laura.
    I wear a 9M, and shame on me, I WANT those purple shoes! I will wear them- I promise. I am to the age now where flat is all I choose. Heels pain me to look at.

    Did I win?

  3. I'll never wish to have larger feet, but I would be running in to your Goodwill if I thought your cast-offs would fit! However, I'm happy with my size 6.5's and the fewer than 15 pairs of shoes I own and wear!

  4. Yay, Margy! You'll love them, I promise. I adore Joan & David. I just hated to have them sit here, unworn, for another 8 months. I deleted all my myspace messages, so please email me your addy. So glad you're here!

    Branda--You crack me up. Stick with the 15. And I'm totally jealous that you're a 6.5. I cried when I went to a 9 from 8.5 after Pom was born.

  5. Purple is a very nice color, and you don't look a bit flu-y. Congrats to Margy on the shoes! I most certainly do NOT have elegant feet. Mine were once described (in a loving? way) as Fred Flintstone feet. le sigh. *laugh*

    I'm glad you're feeling better & back on the blog! : )

  6. Thanks, Carrie. I am so relieved to be feeling better, and even happier to be here.
    Now, I haven't seen your feet, but I hereby remove the Fred Flintstone moniker and replace it with "serious, substantial feet on which a girl can truly rely." How's that?