Monday, January 25, 2010

Days 125-127: I'm So Not a Graphic Tee-Girl

Oh, my. No picture for Day 125. I wonder what was up with me on Days 125 and 126? 125 must have been the Sunday I took Pom up to St. Louis to the airport. Really, no one wants to see me on an airport transport day. We always end up leaving the house between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m., and I'm lucky to get my teeth brushed. After we drop Pom off, I drag Bengal to all the St. Louis Wal-Marts and Sam's Clubs I can--at least the ones that are open at 8 a.m. on a Sunday. Poor kid. I'm sure it's some kind of child abuse. But I always end up buying him something ridiculous. I think he came home with Pokemon cards and a giant box of Moon Pies this time. (I know there are those who looooove Moon Pies, but they're just way too sweet for me. If you want to win my southern heart, feed me pralines, and I will follow you anywhere. Just saying....)

So, here's day 126. I had such giant Gucci bags beneath my eyes that I couldn't bear to face the camera. Probably wasn't wearing makeup, either.

IZOD sweater: $21 (Sam's Club); Nine West Jeans: $17 (Sam's); To the Max blouse: $3 (Clearance); F'Uggs: $30    Total: $71

Speaking of shopping, let's ponder some Norma Kamali. There's only one Wal-Mart store in St. Louis that I know for sure carries NK clothes. And you know that without the occasional cotton sweaters from Sam's, my awesomely versatile NK jersey going-out clothes, and my Norma K. French terry transitional wear, I would probably sit weeping and itching all day in a pile of pilling acrylic sweaters. So I really count on Norma.

But what in the heck can I do with these?

I do have the above v-neck in black. Plain. And there's my adorable "I Love My Dog" tee. But when I found the NK department at the Kirkwood WM, these tees were some of the few NK items they had. Comfort is important, and it's nice that these tees are all cotton--but I don't see myself spending all of the coming spring looking like an Andy Warhol painting. Plus, the cheetah's head would be stuck underneath my boobs. Awkward.

I did pick up this Jersey Tie Shift in a gray and black stripe, but I haven't even tried it on yet because I've been super busy. Plus, it's been a lumpy kind of January. It'll look cute with a cardigan, too.


There were no NK swimsuits in the store that I saw--but how cute is this?

This is cute, too--If you're twelve and have had several ribs removed. Why do I have the feeling that this summer is going to be even longer than winter?

Hope you're staying warm!

Hey--I was thinking about doing a thing where I'll give something away for every ten new followers I get. WM cards? Books? Chocolate? Any thoughts?

While I'm here, I might as well cover Day 127 because I'm so behind. It really wasn't a glamour week, was it? Ew. But Miss Nina Garcia is always gorgeous.

Sweater $17 (Sam's--forget the brand); Chaus turtle: $8 (Sam's); Norma Kamali cords: $15; Earrings: $35; F'Uggs: $30  Total: $105

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  1. When I cut through the apparel section at work, I noticed several new items. I immediately wondered if you had seen them yet. :-)

    There are some really cute capri length denims I must have. I can't recall the brand.

    Couldn't agree more on the pralines. Yum! I do confess to eating a deep fried moon pie at the Tontitown Grape Festival a few years ago. egads....I felt my arteries clogging as I swallowed.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. A Deep Fried Moon Pie. I think you just shaved years off of my life, Sally! I must now go find a carnival that's open in MN in January.

    As for the clothes, I just can't figure out how NK didn't notice that the butterfly would look like it's groping anyone who wore the Butterfly T-shirt option above. I mean, sure the little nubs on the mannequin are evading lepidopteran love, but anyone who has a realistic woman's body would look rather silly.

    However, with the Orange Beaded Necklace option you at least wouldn't have to wear That Damned Necklace for a day.

  3. Hey gorgeous,

    Congratulations on finishing the novel!!! That's wonderful news! Love the moody weather pictures that you included with the post. As for the clothes, I'm not big on the whole graphic t-shirt look either. As for swimsuits, that's a special circle of hell. When my friend Ang got married, I had the horrid job of trying on all the swimsuits at stores and the other girls chose what to try on based on how not horrid they looked on me. Some of the suits sent us into laughing spells, especially a particularly hideous one at Target that made me look both completely flat-chested and four months pregnant. A miracle, that evil suit!

  4. Ohhh, I just don't know what to say about those print shirts. You know I love most of the NK stuff you've featured & worn, but oh... I just don't know! The dress looks cute, tho! : )

    Oh, and I vote WM gift cards or chocolate, because, well, chocolate!!!! ; )

  5. Sally--Thanks, hon! I did cruise by the capris. The spring stuff is slowly coming in. It's so...pastel.

    Branda--My thoughts exactly on the tee shirt critters. Kind of disturbing. And why don't mannequins have breasts? (As to the necklace thing--that's just mean! But I still love you!)

    Sweet Michelle--You are such a good friend to your girlfriends! You should get a medal for trying on those suits. xo

    Carrie--It will always be chocolate for you! (Popped the card in the mail yesterday, BTW.)

  6. I absolutely cannot see you in a giant butterfly shirt. Enough said!