Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 78: Let's All Sing, "I Wear My Sunglasses at Night..."

If I were a brave woman, I'd show you a picture of my poor laundry room. I used to pride myself on my one-load-a-day habit. But I'm afraid my pride has been swallowed by two baskets of dirty laundry and one full of clothes I can't wear until next September. Then there's all the stuff that needs to be ironed hanging on the rack. Help! Now, when I pass the laundry room, I make sure I'm looking straight ahead--If I don't see it, maybe it isn't really there....

I spent Tuesday in unphotographable workout clothes. Okay. So the clothes were photographable--I, however, was not. But then I had to go to help decorate the church for last night's Christmas extravaganza (Awesome, fun party, btw--you know it's a success when a totally adorable, pink-cheeked moppet with black ringlets spends caroling time running in circles around the room, then throws up because she's so pumped!)

What to wear?! It was about 45 degrees outside and I needed something comfy. All but a single pair of jeans were in the laundry. No warm sweaters to speak of. I'd bought a long-sleeve version of the Norma Kamali long, black terry jacket (not quite a dress) last weekend in St. Louis, and I thought it would be comfy enough with something under it. But the jacket was not cute with flared jeans. Black terry and denim? Not quite. So I pulled out some black leggings.

I could've gotten away with the jacket and leggings if the jacket were maybe three or four inches longer. Or if I were on Real Trashy Housewives of Southern Illinois. Or if I were fourteen.

Panic set in. What to do?! Well, I grabbed black terry shorts. Yes. I did. It was a risky move, I know, layering those shorts over the tights. But I did it. And then I put on my F'Uggs and went to church!

I was running late, so I had to take the photo when I got home. Thus the sunglasses....

Black boots would have been a better choice. But given that I was wearing shorts, I figured "what the hell--might as well be comfy."


Norma Kamali Jacket: $11 (clearance from $18); Norma Kamali leggings: $10; Norma Kamali shorts: $10; Norma Kamali Tee: $10; F'Uggs (Sam's Club): $30; That Damn Necklace: $7; Earrings: $7
Total: $85

I spent Wednesday running around in a beret. Hope the phone photo I took in the Walmart bathroom comes out okay.

**An Author Girl aside: If you want to give a signed copy of one of my books (or one of Pinckney's), send it to me and it will get signed--then I'll send it back to you (or to whomever it's for) and even pay media mail return postage. (With two you get gift wrap!) Details at my Notes From the Handbasket blog.

Have a blessed day!

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