Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 83: The Almost-Three-Month Celebration Giveaway, and Me in Black. Again.

On Monday, the fourteenth of December, the Wardrobe by Sam blog will be three months old. Which means I've been wearing only Walmart and Sam's Club clothes for, yes, three months.

I think this is a reason to celebrate. I'm having fun doing this, and learning a lot of new things--not the least of which is that nearly all the employees of Walmart I've met are lovely, hardworking folks who are good at their jobs.

More significantly, I've been overwhelmed by the support you all have given me. That you would take the time to be a part of this--to share your own stories and laugh and commiserate with me--just blows me away. THANK YOU!

This is a contest that's not really a contest. All you need to do is to tell me which of my ensembles is your favorite or least favorite, and why. That's it! And you can provide your answer/entry on the original post or any post between now and Sunday.


I'm a writer, so you get books! Mostly.

First drawing will be for a big stack of fun holiday and event-themed books, including John Grisham's "Skipping Christmas." For the faint of heart who might worry that I would only give away horror novels, don't fret--they're all on the cozy side, perfectly appropriate for hot-chocolate, by-the-fire reading.

The second drawing is for two copies of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover (one for you and one for a friend). This might seem a random kind of prize, but we love Dave Ramsey at the Benedict house. He'll get you out of debt and on to saving money in a way that will change your life. And one thing this project has taught me is that one can buy a LOT of clothes for very little money and not put a single sock on a Visa card.

Third drawing--and you knew this was coming. A $25 Walmart gift card!

So take five minutes and ponder the extravaganza of ensembles--then comment. It's easy! Please do make sure there's some way I can contact you if you win....

And on to Sunday's ensemble:

I know. Two scarves in two days. I have six or seven scarves, all in surprising, pleasant colors. And they cover a multitude of sins. Plus, they dress up all-black, boring ensembles like nothing else.

Scarf: $5; Earrings:$12; White Stag sweater: $10; George turtleneck: $10; Calvin Klein cords: $17; No Boundaries belt: $8; Boots: $23    Total: $85

Now, go, my dears. Comment!


  1. I went searching and found Author Girl outfits that I adore here: http://wardrobebysam.blogspot.com/2009/10/day-thirty-two-another-day-another.html

    I think part of it is that I really like the scarf and another part is that you look like you are so happy! The Snow Trees t-shirt from Norma is another favorite. Casual, but cute.

  2. Laura,

    I want to enter the contest! I think my favorite outfit so far is day 65. I think the olive sweater, odd though it may be (actually, I think it's super cute even if it's hard to pair) looks great over the long sleeve shirt and jeans.

    And I love the snow trees tee that you have on here a couple of times.

    My e-mail: moecatj[at]msn[dot]com

  3. Okay... hmmm....

    I love... Sunday's red scarf. I think red and black are good colors on you. And I'm partial to red myself. And it's shiny. So that's what I love.

    I don't love... the sweater thingy with leggings from Day 37. The bland oatmeal much colors really wash you out (in the photo, I'm sure you look stunning as ever in person) and the cut does nothing for your figure. You're a very lovely lady, but the mush-colored bag look doesn't compliment anyone.

    All that said, you do make the looks work. You have a lot more fashion sense than I have!

  4. I am all about this week's jewel tones. Put you know I have a soft spot for the red shows from Bouchercon...

  5. Since I've already won two of your blog contests, I'm going to bow out, but may I say you look stunning in the red and black ensemble! It has inspired me to wear a similar ensemble tomorrow with my One and Only Scarf, a beautiful beige one with sequins (!) from India.

  6. Day 33! The dress is gorgeous & I still love your smile that day. : )

    Also, any time the outfit includes one of those lovely scarves! I wish I could wear that kind of thing, because I like the look - but can't stand anything around my neck (other than when it's freezing cold & the scarf is keeping me warm! LOL).

  7. Happy three months, beautiful. My choice will be no shock -- the gorgeous black dress in the Christmas party picture where you're with your friend. I LOVE that dress and you look like you were made for it. It's funny that it doesn't look good on the hanger -- I find a lot of clothes like that -- strange how the hanger is an evil deceiver! Loving the blog and enjoying your days of clothes and analysis. I'm going to do that trick with the lipstick. I think my face is either oval or heart-shaped. Lately, I haven't even really been washing it that well (let alone make-up --talk about a fright) in a rush to get the last book done (finished today!) and so now I must actually try and look decent for a couple of days before all my friends take me for a writing intervention.

  8. Ok, not sure if I have commented here before or not, but I've been following your blog and the great experiment with a great deal of interest. It took a while for me to decide on which ensemble was my favorite as several have struck me as surprisingly fashionable.

    There is something about the combination of the pink & black in day 53 that really appeals to me, though.

    Friday's Ensemble:

    525 America cardigan (Sam's): $20; George slimming cami: $10; Faded Glory cord skirt: $10; Tights: $5; Norma Kamali ballet flats: $20; Necklace: $8; Sterling silver earrings: $12 Total: $85

    Now then, in the interest of full disclosure, I work for the mothership. I live in NW Arkansas and once I retired from healthcare, the options were limited. I'm a floral designer at a Sam's Club, so if you feel this disqualifies me from the contest, I fully understand. :-)

  9. I love reading these--how fun!

    Welcome, Sally! Of course you're eligible. It's not like the mothership is paying me, or anything. In fact....

  10. Are the scarves also from WM, or do they fall under your accessories exemption? Love that one, btw.