Thursday, December 10, 2009

Days 85 and 86: The Traveling Two-fer

Black, white, gray. Seems to be a continuing theme.

When did black become the ultimate travel color? Seems to me I don't recall many black traveling suits or cruisewear in films of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Black is, of course, stupidly practical. And everyone is now convinced that it's slimming. Though well thought-out, attractively tailored ensembles of any color will do that. And please, please, please, make sure any black separates you're wearing are at least somewhat matched to one another....Not as easy as one might think.

I blame the eighties and its ridiculous Power Suits for women. Yes, back in the day, women used to imagine that if they dressed like men, it would make everyone feel better about their coming in and sitting behind big desks. There is something to be said for costuming oneself, of course, which leads us to artists and the arts. Artists of all sorts--from writers to photographers to painters--effect black as a symbol of non-conformity. How ironic that almost everyone is pretending to be non-conformist these days. But, wait. Doesn't that make them the conformists?*

The sad thing about the color black is that I can't get it to look decent in a standard snapshot.

Anyway, without further ado.....

Tuesday's ensemble:

I thought I'd wear the NK Snow Trees shirt since so may folks said they liked it. It is VERY comfy. You can tell it was a stay-at- home day.

Faded Glory sweater: $20; That Damn Necklace $7; Earrings: $7; Norma Kamali tee: $12; Faded Glory Jeans: $15    Total: $71

Wednesday's ensemble:

To the Max Shirt: $3 (clearance); Jones NY pants: $18; Miley Cyrus/Max Azria Vest $14; White Stag necklace: $7--already broken : (  ; Faded Glory riding boots: $23; Earrings: $3  Total: $68

Hope your travels are happy today. See you Saturday. Remember to pick out your favorite/least favorite ensemble and comment to win books, books, and a WM gift card this week!

*Melanie Griffith image from


  1. Have a great trip and visit with your girl child, Laura!

  2. My favorite outfit is the tree shirt with that damn necklace. I love that necklace and that shirt! In fact I have attempted to find that shirt at WM. But with a three year old always trailing behind me, it has eluded me.

  3. Thanks, Sally. We're having a wonderful time!

    Hi, Erin--Neither of our Walmarts carries Norma Kamali. But if I see one of the tree shirts on a clearance rack on my travels, I'll pick one up for you.