Sunday, December 6, 2009

Days 80 and 81: A Maybe and a Whole Bunch of Don't Think So's

I was talking with a friend tonight about my process of returning things to Walmart. It's a numbers game. When one buys as many clothes and accessories there as I do, one is bound to have a lot of returns.

I have a system. I keep all of my Walmart receipts in one plastic envelope, categorized by date. When I need to return something, I have a pretty good idea of where the receipt is in the pile. So I take out the receipt, match it to the item, and put them both together in a handy plastic Walmart bag. I think the most I've ever shown up at the desk with is seven bags. I've gotten pretty good at sliding by the greeter and going straight to customer service without getting waylaid. My stuff often ends up being way more complicated than the poor greeter can handle. It's better for everyone this way.

My friend said, "Oh, you're that person," she said.

It's true. I'm that person. The one you want to yell at when you just have a single out-of-date box of Luna Bars to return, and your sweetheart's waiting in the car feeling not so sweet.

Forgive me. Please. Sometimes I shop too quickly, sometimes I'm overly optimistic. Either way, I'm at the return desk weekly. I'll try to confine myself to Tuesday mornings at 8:45.....

Here are some losers that I don't wear--mostly because they're too dull or frumpy:

George skirt: $5 (clearance $12) Too office-ish. A smidge too long to be stylish.
White Stag: $7 (clearance $10) Not as shiny as it looks here. Feels like a polyester maternity shirt to me.

George black sheath: $16  One of my very first purchases. Not too bad on--a little shapeless for my taste. Still, would look good beneath a jacket or with pearls or with a pale blue or ivory cashmere sweater.

White Stag: $7  Eggplant. Shapeless. 'Nuf said. Maaaaaaaybe next summer with a cotton skirt.

Norma Kamali dress: $20  Cranberry. Looks dreadful on the hanger, but it's a wonderful dress. It's the same dress as this one: (Me, on the right)

I've been trying to decide what to do with the clothes I can't return (for whatever reason).  Women's Shelter, maybe? They're all pretty classic and brand new--just the thing for job interviews.

I had somewhat better luck on Friday:

Jewel tones!

Don't ask me what that bizarre reflection on my sweater is....

George blouse: $12; White Stage Sweater: $10; Necklace: $7; Earrings: $7; No Boundaries Belt: $7; Norma Kamali cords: $15; Shoes: $30   Total: $88

Love the odd color combination, but I don't like the acrylic (of course!)

More later!


  1. Seriously lovely colors! My wardrobe usually consists of browns, grays, greens & blues. (Though my aunt did just give me a beautiful raspberry colored sweater for Christmas, so I'm lifting my ban on red.) And now you're making me consider purple!

    I think donating the clothes you can't take back to a shelter is a fabulous idea! Keep up the good work on all counts! : )

  2. Thanks, Carrie. I like the colors, too. How fun to have a raspberry sweater--and you can almost put raspberry in the pink/purples category. Do think purple. There's lots of it out there this year, and I'm betting the sale racks will be full in January. The mothership STILL has $3 racks with summer stuff.