Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 84: Is There Another Word for Eeeeeeeeeee?

I'm trying not to hyperventilate.

Friday morning I have to catch a plane to go and visit my daughter at her fancy-pants Up East college for the weekend. DD does not particularly approve of my WM project. Most teens are hyper-sensitive when it comes to others' opinions of them--and, worse, of their parents. Any Author Girl event seems like cake compared to this upcoming weekend.

If it were summer or even early fall, I could fudge a bit: I have a couple of cute transitional skirts and there's always my Norma Kamali jersey and black French terry stuff. And it would all fit in my spiffy, hard-sided, pink carry-on.

But DD just informed me that they were blessed with many inches of snow. Where are my luscious, knee-high, classic, black leather snow boots bought in a sweet Michigan boutique? Why, they're in my mudroom, of course, where they must stay. And my Dale of Norway sweaters? On my closet shelf. And my cosy shearling coat? *sob* I don't deserve any pity, I know. I've brought this all on myself.

Sure, I could bundle up in blue jeans, a Green Tea hoodie, and my new shoveling-the-driveway WM snow boots and hop on the plane. There's no shame in it. But this is a challenge, damn it! The question is: Is this a challenge I'm willing to freeze my butt off for? The good news is that I'll be in the car or on an airplane for most of two days. The bad news is that I'll be stomping around campus for the other two days. (Actually, that's kind of good news, too, because I'll be there with my baby girl!)

Am I over-thinking this? I'm seeing lots and lots of black clothing in my future. Layer upon layer of it. Upon layer.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Monday's ensemble:

I'm a little bummed that this is today's pic. Kind of depressing. I'm not fond of this sweater. It's acrylic-y, and makes me feel like a linebacker with a Twinkie addiction. I like the necklace, though.

Faded Glory sweater: $12; To the Max jeans: $16; White Stag necklace: $7; F'Uggs (Sam's): $30; Earrings: $7  Total: $72

So, did you weigh in on your favorite/least favorite ensemble for the fabu prizes I announced yesterday?


  1. I fear you must break down and pack the Fuggs. You'll thank me on Monday.

    BTW, word verification was insouciance, but spelled wrong.

  2. Absolutely!

    And, erm, I say go to the men's department for some ultra big, ultra warm sweaters. They won't help w/ feeling like a linebacker, but they will keep you warm...!

    Seriously, tho, good luck & have fun! : )

  3. JT--all right, will pack the F'Uggs. Pom will flip out, but my tootsies need to be warm--and I did spray leather guard on them. Also, my plane gets in in the early p.m. so I can see if there's a mothership within driving distance of Bradley....

    Carrie--Brilliant! I have to go by the mothership tomorrow for something else and will scope out the men's stuff.

  4. I linebacker with a Twinkie addiction, eh?

    I don't envy you right now! Even without the restrictions, I found myself with nothing but a (competing store) nearby while I was in Charleston last week, and did not pack appropriately for my trip. I ended up having to buy a not so ugly but very uncool red hoodie to use as a jacket since it was so cold.

    I can't stand shopping anyway and that was a truly miserable experience. Just don't buy any Christmas themed sweaters with chunky reindeer!