Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Days 88 and 89: While I Was Off to Massachusetts

Let me say right off that I take my sworn mission to embarrass my children as much as possible very seriously. It's a sacred duty. And yet I feel I was not the success I might have been this past weekend while I was visiting my daughter at college.

How fun it would have been to declare--or at least quietly mention--my humble Walmart/Sam's Club clothing project to my darling's college crew. But she suggested, nay, begged me not to reveal a single detail of the origins of my clothes. Many denizens of college campuses are Walmart haters, and I really don't want to make her life hard. I got the impression that she believed she would have been ridden down the hill on a long, nail-studded rail if her friends ever found out what I was up to. So, no matter how silly I thought she was being about it, I kept my mouth shut.

There were a couple of awkward moments--the most memorable was our trip to the fabulous Prime Outlet mall that's about a half hour from school. I had to traipse through Eddie Bauer, Nine West, Cole-Haan, Michael Kors, and J.Crew stores, pretending all the while that I was breathing poisonous air and had to get out quickly just so I wouldn't hyperventilate with clothing-envy. I was a little tense because one of my DD's friends was with us. It helped that I could concentrate on looking for clothes, etc for my DD and so didn't even think to buy anything for myself. But there were many, many things that tempted me.

The good news is that the campus was full of teenagers and my head could've been on fire all day and not one of them would have noticed because it wouldn't directly affect them.

So, Saturday's ensemble:

The embarrassing thing about this ensemble was that the sweater was so long that it hung far below my black leather Calvin Klein jacket.  That really bugged DD. Me, not so much.

Ensemble: White Stag necklace: $5; Norma Kamali Sweater: $20; George turtleneck: $10; Norma Kamali cords: $15; Faded Glory Boots: $23; Scarf: $5  Total: $78

Sunday night:

Love this necklace! Found it in St Louis. $8; Nine West Jeans: $17: Earrings: $7 Scarf: $5; 525 Sweater Co (Sam's Club) $17.95; Earth Spirit Shoes: $30     Total: $84.95

The Cords are super-comfy and I do like the mix of the fuschia with unexpected colors like beige and copper. We won't talk about how DD wore the black tank that I was supposed to wear beneath that sweater.

Further adventures to follow tomorrow!

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