Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 79: Live From the Walmart Ladies' Room

Wednesday was one of those days when I really had to get moving first thing in the morning. I had laid out my workout clothes before I went to bed and went straight to the exercise bike after I made the boy's lunch and breakfast. The church Christmas party I was working on was to happen at six in the evening, and I had hopes of getting some writing done in between party tasks. But the writing never happened.

After a quick brekky on campus with my DH, I was off to the mothership in my workout clothes. I had a list with five things to buy on it. I was there ninety minutes. My DH and I discussed this. From now on, if he doesn't hear from me after I've been in Walmart for an hour, he is going to call me. It's not that I worry that I'm being mind-controlled by the music, or anything like that--even though I do sometimes come to full consciousness while standing in, say, the toothpaste aisle, and find myself holding some pseudo-magical dentifrice I wouldn't even think to buy if I were in my right mind. I'm just ADHD/ distractable and can't take my Adderall because it messes up my writing. (Sorry, I cover that sort of thing on my other blog.)

I've been wondering what I could use for a hat on those days when I don't have time to shower and do my hair. So I recently bought a couple of berets because I couldn't bring myself to buy a NASCAR or SIU ball cap at the mothership.

Here's how I looked for my shopping trip (no makeup--don't look too closely, photo-editing software is limited):

Clever how I bought a brown beret to go with my casual Sam's club fleece, huh?

If you see me in this outfit on People of, please don't tell me. Be kind. (Finish reading the blog, then go spend a hilarious hour on the P of site. Laughter is sooooo good for you!)


Beret: $5; Fleece jacket: $30 (I think.) (Sam's Club); L.E.I. pajama shorts: $12; Laura Ashley ls tee: $8 (Sam's); Danskin shoes: $20: Earrings: $7 (I'm not a total slob!)

Things improved later in the day. I needed to wear something I could finish decorating in, and that would be comfy for serving food and herding youngsters. But it had to be festive. I know what you're thinking..."She's going to wear one of those tacky Christmas sweatshirts with snowmen or blinking reindeer noses to the party!"

Something like this?

Nope. I have, in my life, owned Christmas sweaters. Some of them quite expensive and awfully cute. But I won't be wearing any this year, I think.

This is an outfit I wore at Bouchercon. Very comfortable, and even better now that I've accessorized it with Miss Nina.


Norma Kamali pants: $15; George cami: $7; sweater: $17 (Sam's); Red rubber boots: $25 (took $12 George loafer pumps to change into); Pearls: $18; Earrings: $5   Total: $87

Must go iron things so that later I won't have to leave the house in pajama shorts and a beret!


  1. that ladies' room shot may be my favorite of all time :)

  2. Seriously, your foundling kitty is adorable! And I like the beret. I like them in general, because they bring an air of sophistication to the wearer. No idea WHY a beret = sophisticated in my mind. Probably because Jamie on Mythbusters is always in a beret!

  3. Hey, Sophie! It's the second in a series, you know. Bet I'll have a portfolio's worth by September.

    Carrie--She is, isn't she? It was nice of God to send us such a sweetie. She's all cat, though. Woke up yesterday a.m. to her batting around a mouse that was still clipped into a mousetrap. One hopes she figures out that she's supposed to be the trap.

    And I love Jamie's beret, too!

  4. I'd like to join in on the contest- Personally I like the outfit you wore at Bouchercon the best. It looks comfortable and I think the colors look nice on you.

  5. Hi, JulieDD. Will you drop me a line at laura at laurabenedict dot com? I need to communicate with you about your prize. Thanks!