Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Five: Overdressed at the Festival

Saturday was a perfect day to throw on a pair of hiking shorts, flip flops, a tee-shirt, hat, plus plenty of sunblock, and run out the door with the kids to do something fun. Gorgeous sky, 75 degrees, and sunny, sunny, sunny. The town of Murphysboro that's just up the road from us has its annual Apple Festival every September and we haven't missed the parade since we moved here over three years ago.

It's a great festival and parade, with tons of personality. Finally, this year, I remembered to take a folding chair, which made it even better.

After the previous day's shorts fiasco--and faced with no clean shorts at all--I settled on a skirt I'd bought at WM on Thursday.

Here's the ensemble:

This marbled (better word for it than heathered) gray tee is one of my favorite new purchases--despite the fact that it bears a Miley Cyrus/Maxx Azria label. Unfortunately, I could only get it in small, when I'm more comfortable in a medium. The shoulders were fine, but my cleavage looked a little, uh, squeezed. And not in a good way.

The skirt is dark indigo denim, which I like a lot. It's a ten, and stretchy, so it's on the biggish side. Will wash and try to shrink it a bit.

Now, I had to tuck in this shirt. It still feels strange to be doing that again. Back in the late eighties, when I was a skinny thing, one of my favorite looks was a fine cashmere sweater tucked into gray flannels pants. Sadly, the whole childbearing thing ruined most tuck-in possibilities.

Both on Saturday and Sunday, I kept hoping that I had already purchased a darling pair of black flat sandals and just hidden them away to surprise myself. Alas, I hadn't. Had to go with the pewter/silver sandals I wore on Thursday. They didn't match the black belt, but I just had to relax my standards. They're getting looser and looser--Soon they'll be like clown shoes on my feet, darn it. Plus, I'm vehemently opposed to wearing open shoes to fairs and festivals. Ew!


Details:  Miley tee: $8; Faded Glory Skirt $5 (clearance); Belt: $8; Earrings (silvertone--from the black leather necklace set); shoes--$7 (clearance) Total: About $20-$23.

I'm kind of shy about posting hundreds of random picutres of myself on the web. But I thought I'd give you a peek at what it looked like in, yes, the Wal-Mart dressing room. (The boy and I went there on a recon mission in the afternoon, of course) I confess that I felt VERY uneasy about having my outfit so matched-up.

I had to look pretty closely at the picture to see what happened to my left leg!

Next Post: Dress-up Day & Gutter maintenance in the rain. Good times!


  1. I was wondering if we'd get any pictures of you all dressed up! I think you should at least invest in a mannequin to display your outfits for those of us who don't get to see you on a daily basis. ; )

  2. You're right, Branda. I definitely need a mannequin--maybe a headless one. Or I'd have to find one that looks like me. Actually, she'd probably look better than I do--I doubt I would want something like a My Twin mannequin: one with ribcage issues, big feet,and sparse eyelashes.

    Perhaps I better look into a dress form, instead!