Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day Two: Rule of Seven and One of those plastic tag thingys*

There are all kinds of fashion rules--most of them outdated and, like so many cultural customs, of very obscure origin. Then there's my personal favorite: Never leave the house naked.

I have no idea where I picked up the Rule of Seven, but I've lived by it for a very long time. (If anyone knows where it comes from, do let me know. My eyes are weak from Googling!)

Rule of Seven: After you're dressed and accessorized, first count how many different colors you're wearing (three or fewer is best & shoes count). I always count a pattern as two. Then add a count of one for each piece of jewelry, belt, or scarf you have on. So, if you're wearing, say, a white shirt and patterned skirt, you're already at three. Add 2 for earrings. Then you can add a bracelet, perhaps, or a necklace. Add a watch, and you're done. If you can count more than seven, remove an item or two. Or three!

Seeing it on the page, it sounds a little ridiculous, doesn't it? But it's useful when you want to look polished, and not overwhelmed by your clothes.

Today was another easy, easy day. I managed to buy some Danskin athletic shoes at WM yesterday afternoon, along with a selection of earrings and necklaces. Didn't work out because I had to get my pages done for my actual job.

I don't think I even wore seven items yesterday. The WM jewelry selection is slender--not tragic, but not compelling either. I like stones, leather, wood, and interesting metals. Artsy and unique pieces. Not much of that to be found there. After I was dressed, I went by and picked up a few things--several pairs of earrings and a black faux-leather necklace with a silver and black pendant. Then I went by again today and bought a killer red enamel bracelet and a leather necklace/pendant in brown. The women at the jewelry counter and returns desk now look alarmed as I approach, poor things. I'm sure I now have my own folder on WM's Security Hard Drive.

Day Two's Ensemble:

I liked this! The pic doesn't do the tee justice. It's a gorgeous washed-out pomegranate color and the shorts are dark chocolate brown. If the cargo pocket on the shorts were an actual pocket instead of a faux-pocket with a flap, and there were fewer loose threads, I'd say they definitely compare favorably to the DKNY $45 shorts I bought at Dillard's this summer. We'll see how they wash....The shirt is definitely a swipe from the Buckle or Lucky Brand folks--without the graphics or detail.

Liked the sandals a lot, too. I'm fairly conservative when it comes to everyday sandals because I have to walk the dogs and poke around the garden frequently. The gladiator style never really appealed to me because they can look clunky. These are surprisingly comfy. And not leather. I prefer leather. We'll see how they wear.

My pic of the day has to be the necklace. Can't tell it's not leather; it came with very matchy earrings. I don't do matchy earrings, but they'll be fine on their own. (I wore the black today, but will wear the new brown one w/ that outfit in the future.)

Wore the little silver ball earrings pictured and a brown belt as well. The shorts have beltloops, but also a drawstring, for some unknown reason.

Pricing: Tee-Miley Cyrus (I know!) $8; Shorts-L.E.I. $7 (clearance); Sandals--$11 (sale/$17) Necklace/Earrings $7/set (balls were from a $3 set) Belt: $8

Total: $41

Price really isn't the issue here, of course. It's how the clothes make me feel. I felt pretty put-together today & loved the colors, like yesterday. Hope abounds! Though I'm a little down thinking about winter coming on. The coat and sweater situation doesn't look good. Ditto the shoes/boots. I'm already missing the long brown shearling I bought 18 months ago and it's 85 degrees outside!

*In true Laura tradition, I discovered about five minutes ago (near midnight) that I had ripped the price tag from the left sandal, but didn't cut off the bracelet-sized plastic hanger from the upper strap. You can dress me up.... *sigh*


  1. Are you repeating outfits during the year or no?

  2. Liana, you're my first comment. Thank you!

    Great question. I thought about this before I started and even made several recon visits to my local WM to ponder it. I just don't think I could do it and maintain a style I could live with. Even if they had the selection, my funds aren't unlimited. The good news is that I never, ever buy a separate that I can't be worn with at least two other pieces. So I should have some degree of variety, anyway.

    Since you were the very first, I'd love to send you a copy of one of my books. Either Isabella Moon or Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts--your choice. Drop me an email with your addy!

  3. I love this, Laura! And I'm incredibly impressed. I'll be following . . .

  4. Judy, I swear I commented on this yesterday--Our internet has been sketchy.

    I'm so glad you're here. And I want everyone to check out your new Just Be Nice blog and take it to heart. Fabulous idea!