Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day Seven: Estee and Me--Codependent Forever?**

I miss my makeup.

I miss my Estee Lauder Individualist Foundation in Ivory Beige.
I miss my Estee Lauder Dual Finish Powder in Matte Buff II.
I miss my rainbow of free EL & Lancome gift eyeshadow shades in their tiny, jewel-like containers.
I miss my Dior Concealer. (The best ever.)
I miss my Automatic Lip Pencil Duo.
I really, really miss my LancĂ´me CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base (Have I mentioned that I'm eyelash-challenged?)

And, of course, there's my Lancome Definicils Mascara.
Oh, oh, and my EL Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Tiramisu.

There's more, but I think you get the idea.

I'm aware that department-store cosmetics are kind of a rip-off. They use more expensive fragrances and packaging and advertising than the drugstore/discount store brands. They make an elaborate show of "giving away" tons of product to justify charging exorbitant prices for their goods. Many women swear by their $85 per .5 oz moisturizers and anti-aging products, but, really, how exceptional can they be?  I truly can't imagine anything more effective on my (very) sensitive skin than Nivea's Q10 Night Cream (now discontinued, the bastards) and Eucerin's Daily Moisturizer with 30 spf for daytime. (Sunscreen. Use it. Now.)

I used the Clinique system of soap, toner, moisturizer for years until I finally realized that it no longer suited my skin. I was addicted.

But I think that I'm most attracted to the luxury of it all. It's so nice to be fussed over by a well-groomed, amusing person who smells pretty. Even though they're just trying to sell product, I'm willing to buy into their act of faux intimacy. Even faux intimacy is, well, intimate. Sometimes there's even gentle piano music in the background. And the cases and brushes and bottles have an appealing weight to them. One doesn't have the sense that, if they're dropped, some plastic bits will come off and they will never work again. When I'm sitting on that cushy, tall, stool, I just have the feeling that I'm a grownup and that no matter what's happening outside those revolving or ridiculously wide double glass doors--disaster, storm, economic catastrophe, famine, or revolution--all will be well. At least for that particular twenty minutes.

That was then.

Here's what I bought last week at the Mother Ship:

I think I spent an hour in the Wal-Mart makeup aisles. Revlon, Wet 'n Wild, Physician's Formula, L'Oreal, Almay, Neutrogena, Max Factor. (Max Factor invented the first motion picture makeup, makeup for b&w film, pancake makeup and, believe it or not, lipgloss.) It was extremely frustrating because I couldn't sample anything at all. Things I bought and had to take back: Physician's Formula Tinted Moisturizer (looked like industrial makeup you put over scars--plus, it made me break out) and Revlon Color Stay Powder (too thick). Pleasant surprises: The Wet 'n Wild eyebrow pencil in Light and L'Oreal's Double Extend Mascara that includes a separate base. I also exchanged the PF Moisturizer for  Cover Girl brand "Aqua" Tinted Moisturizer. Much better than I expected and wears well.

The lipstick was just plain weird. It's Physician's Formula, and it promises to "plump" one's lips. I'm not sure how it does this....All I know is that it made my lips tingle unpleasantly.

Note: WM will take back opened makeup. If you don't have the original box, you can get one off of the shelf so they can use the number on it.

In all, I spent about $65 on makeup. That would've purchased two bottles of moisturizer at Estee Lauder.  We shall see....

Last thing:

I did get dressed on Monday! I don't know why, but I enjoyed wearing this outfit (much cuter on): Faded Glory Denim Skirt $5 (lighter version of Saturday's) Faded Glory pullover white, white vneck shirt $8; brown pleather necklace w/ bronze pendant $7 (no earrings because I didn't want to wear matchy ones) ; Dr. Scholl tan thong sandals ($13 clearance); Faded Glory belt ($8). Total: About $41

I love bright white with denim. The whole out fit is very American, Ralph Lauren Lifestyl-ish.

Remind me to tell you about the creepy couple in the shoe dept., Norma Kamali, and the rub-off black dye!

**Note to Clair: It should technically read: "Estee and I." Yes? But I needed the rhyme. Dispensation please?


  1. **I've always pronounced it Es-stay. Is it Es-tee? That's how couture I am!! ; )

  2. Oh, no, honey. You're right. I was just being silly for drama's sake. A bad habit. ;)

    And I don't think you can get much more couture than designing, sewing or knitting your children's clothes!