Monday, September 28, 2009

Day Twelve: A Rough and Tumble, Three-Quarters Kind of Day

Saturday was Soccer Mom Day. It's tough to get out of bed and roll out to the soccer field on the only day of the week we might sleep in. But I love watching the games. I confess that after Bengal did a quarter-long stint as goalie (his first, and they only scored twice on him! : ), my attention was drawn to the 4 year-olds playing on the tiny field behind me. They didn't run after the ball--they swarmed it. The parent coaches were having a hard time not laughing. It reminded me of my daughter's fourth birthday when we had a pinata, but it was too rainy to go outside. Nineteen four year-olds attacked the doll pinata on the floor--It was like a scene from that ancient film Gremlins.

Too fun!

What I wore:

The shorts look a little washed-out here because there wasn't much natural light--but they're still dark brown. I still have an issue with the faux cargo pocket. I keep unsnapping the flap to try to put stuff in it. Like the shirt a lot. It's a rich navy. Ribbed, v-neck. Very flattering. Had to wear a belt to keep the shorts up. They're a Juniors' eleven and a tad big. But the fit is okay below the waist.

Faded Glory shirt: $8; L.E.I. Shorts: $7 (clearance from $13?); Dr. Scholl Brown flipflop sandals: $13; Beige pearl Earrings: $7 (part of $20 set of 3); George Necklace: $7 (part of set)  Total: $34

This is a transitional look--so glad summer is almost gone. Still a little worried that it's going to be a cooooold winter in my Walmart clothes. I'm thinking field trip to Sam's Club....


  1. Hey beautiful,

    The description of Pom's birthday party cracked me up! I love the movie Gremlins and often use the thing about them turning evil when they get their heads wet as a description for certain people in certain moods. Really loving the pictures of you and the clothes!

  2. I was just telling Pinckney today that Bengal needs to see Gremlins. Hope Bengal doesn't get any ideas! xoxo