Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day Six: Shoes Become an Issue and What Should One Wear to Clean Gutters?

Finally! A reason to get a little dressed up. I'll put church in the Parent/Social category. First off--let me just tell you that I arrive late for everything. I was born a week after my due date and I haven't yet caught up. I have no doubt that I'll be late for my own funeral. And Sunday is one of those days when I luxuriate in not having to get up at the crack of birds to toss children out the door at 7:30. So I exercise, feed the birds, eat breakfast sitting down, la la la...Then it's a mad dash in and out of the shower and a quick faceful of makeup and I'm off.

Church clothes are usually easy: many are drycleanable, which means they're hanging all neat and tidy in the closet. This week, I had fresh, new clothes. That helped. But I didn't have shoes to co-ordinate with the cute print skirt and black linen shirt I planned to wear. The gladiator sandals were--oh, I don't know--too bondage-ish for church and looked dumb with flowers. There went ten minutes I didn't have.

I went with a paler option: coral, tan and ivory skirt, plain ivory shirt and bronze sandals. Worked pretty well.

Sorry about the photo. I put a jacket (which I didn't wear) behind the scoop-neck top so it wouldn't get lost on the door. How cute is the skirt?! I love the color combination and the hand of the fabric is quite soft and the copper/tan color has a bit of sheen to it.

Shoes: Went with these. The fit is just as sloppy as the pewter pair.

They aren't as shiny as they look here. I'm not much of a photographer anyway--but I'm even worse when I'm taking pics on the fly when I'm already late.

Went with the bronze version of the matching disc/earring set. Cute. But I still can't bring myself to wear a perfectly matched earring/necklace combo. Ew. So I was light on jewelry, but I think the outfit came off well.

Total: White Stag Cotton Scoopneck shirt: (I think it was $8 not on sale); George skirt: $7 (clearance from $16) Earrings: $7 (partial) Shoes: $7 (clearance)  All: $29

This was my first Sunday at church since the beginning of the project. I can't tell you what a hard time I got from two of my good friends there--each of them has a wonderful sense of style. They're excited about the project, but teased me to no end about not getting my hair cut and colored at Wal-Mart. (I've already explained why I won't do this in The Completely Arbitrary Rules post....and I'm NOT changing my mind! : )

And now for the gutter-cleaning portion of the program.

I have a House date with my sweetie starting now, so let me explain it this way:

Big rainstorm.
Clogged gutters.
House on slab.
Flooding child's room.
5:45 meeting in town for which I have to be dressed.

Here I am about to go and do my thing. (Branda, this picture is for you.) And there was no way I was going to pose for this picture with the shower cap on. The hood covered it fully when I was out-of-doors. Small mercies....

Picked up the raincoat at Sam's after church. Black, single-breasted trench. Just what I needed! $29.95. (Why WM doesn't have raincoats, I don't know. I learned today that they no longer carry slips. Weird.)
Bought the boots a week ago--$22. Worth it. Charming if a couple inches too short to be cool.

I'm sure the shower cap came from Wal-Mart. Definitely.


  1. I would have been totally intimidated by those very posh friends!! (Mostly because I already look like I'm dressing at WM, or at the very best Target, - no cool "real" wardrobe to abandon for the sake of research and soul searching!) I'm headed to the supercenter today - I'll check out the shoe selection here and let you know if there are any better sandal options... or closed toe flats!

  2. Am I going to see your perky persona in my favorite guilty pleasure, the voyeuristic snoopfest called People of Walmart? If you haven't seen it yet, go there now.


    Enough said. XO

  3. Branda--I can't imagine you being intimidated by anyone, honey. And you and the girls always look great! I appreciate your poking around your supercenter--I'm thinking that they aren't selling much in the way of sandals up there in the chilly regions these days? xo

    Carolyn--You beat me to the punch! Thanks for posting the link. I find that site a little disturbing now--If I do show up, I'll be pictured with reading glasses on my nose as I peruse fabric content and washing instruction tags!

    So glad you're here!

  4. Hey beautiful,

    Love the picture -- you're adorable! This project is really interesting. And I'm with you on the hair rule -- hair stuff is traumatic even with someone you know! Terrible to have to find someone new. I think the same can be said of a lot of things . . .

  5. Well, I found a really cute pair of checkered-flannel chunky 2 inch heels. The LEI brand has some wearable designs here. And yes all of the sandals are beyond clearanced out by now. Do you need snowboots???

  6. Sweet Michelle--Wish I could get cute photos of the dogs. They bounce way too much. Yes--Hair issues are totally traumatic. Years ago P wanted me to shave my head b/c he thought it would be sexy. Kind of wish I'd done it then. Now it wouldn't be sexy--It would be eccentric. And I think I've already got the eccentric thing down. xoxo

    Branda--Yes--good call! L.E.I. is a hip sort of WM label. I bought a couple of things, but it's definitely for juniors. Junior stuff is sketchy for me, given that I'm 108! (Did you buy them for yourself?!)

    Snowboots? Soon. Hoping they'll show up here. Do the ones there have spikes on the bottom? I'm sure we'll have ice storms any minute now. xoxo

  7. Laura - love that skirt, so pretty! You know I always enjoy your writing, and this blog so far has been lots of fun to read. Hopefully fun to write, too! : ) Good project!