Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day Fourteen: Dressing for Myself (and the dogs, of course)

Trying to get this draft of my WIP done in the next couple weeks, so I expect I'll have a lot of casual days coming up. I do work better when I'm dressed. And it's nice to be able to go out for a spontaneous lunch date and not have to wear a ball cap and trenchcoat.

Monday's ensemble:

I was excited about this one because I think it looks cute and modern, but casual and comfy, too.

The hoodie is a light, cotton ribknit with extended bands on the sleeves and snaps up the front. The handwarmer pocket is kind of dorky, but it works okay. I tried a black Norma Kamali tank beneath it, but it didn't look right. The gray hoodie looked disembodied over it. So the tank is actually a charcoal gray heather. Shorts are black cotton with 1-inch bands around the legs (not tight at all), pockets, and a drawstring waist.

I first thought to just put these sandals with it. Seemed natural.

But I really wanted to wear these since I didn't get to wear them Sunday. They looked great, I think, and gave the outfit a little style. The dogs seemed to appreciate it anyway.

Jewelry: Simple silver posts. (Had to take them out after dinner because they started to itch my earlobes. Hypo-allergenic doesn't necessarily mean all-day wearable.

Overall: It was fun to feel comfortably stylish while I hung out at home, making up stuff. Faded Glory gray hoodie: $10; Norma Kamali Shorts: $10; Miley tank: $6; Norma Kamali flats: $20 Earrings: $5 (I think) Total: $51

Tuesday I was Field Trip Mom. Visited the DuQuion State Fairgrounds all day. Will let you know what I came up with tomorrow.

Next Week: Southern Festival of Books panel with fabulous thriller-writer chicks J.T. Ellison and Meredith Cole. First professional appearance in a Walmart ensemble. Nervous much?!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Your support for this wacky project means a lot!


  1. Oh the Southern Book Festival looks fun! If only I didn't already have plans for the weekend, I could runa way to Nashville and stalk Laura :)

  2. But, I LOVE hand-warming pockets!!!

  3. Branda--Me, too. But it was a little odd on such a thin shirt--not very functional. As much as I like them, I confess I don't like to draw attention to that area! : )

    Cin--You're totally in luck--My official stalker has really fallen down on the job of late--so the position's open!