Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day Fifteen: Get Your Sack Lunch, It's a Field Trip!

There were no rides at the Conservation Fair, but there was plenty of cold, cold wind. Fall arrived on Tuesday without any sort of foreplay at all.

I was stuck.  Cute LLBean barn jacket to wear with my Hunter Wellies? No on both counts. Yummy woven scarf to keep me warm up to my sunglasses? Nope. Faded DKNY jeans to wear with a cozy, chunky, cotton fisherman's sweater? No way. These things are all in my closet, but they're not allowed under The Completely Arbitrary Rules of the game.

I had two choices: Athletic shoes, jeans, and the three tees layered beneath the $3 Fuzzy White Jacket of Doom, or something more fashionable, but not very warm. (I never wear athletic shoes unless I'm hiking or working out. I just feel sloppy. I know I'm in the minority about that....)

Comfort junkie that I am, of course I tried for the fashion save....

How cute is this jacket?! I was delighted to find it on the clearance rack. Like the stitched detail.  It's meant to match with the skirt I wore on Sunday, I think. But the skirt is a little too feminine for it. The jacket looks better with more tailored pieces. Thus the crisp white blouse and dark blue jeans. They had the same jacket in navy. Kind of wish I'd bought it, too.


Drawbacks of the jacket: about an inch too short for my taste. Also, because I'm short-waisted, the belt sits way too high. It's saved only by the fact that it blends in well with the rest of the jacket.

 Shoes? This was hard. I have a pair of clog-style leather shoes I bought a week or two ago, but I thought they looked clunky. I went with these:

You couldn't see any of the sandal, except for the toes. They worked, given that the jacket is cotton. But my feet were very cold. Should have worn the leather shoes.

Wore my ever-present bronze disk necklace, though I wanted something smaller because of the jacket's detail. Simple pearl posts with a brownish cast for earrings.

Ensemble: George Safari Jacket: $17 (clearance $25); Faded Glory jeans: $15; George white blouse: $12; Sandals: $11(I think) Jewelry: $14 total   For all: $69 

Extra added bonus:

Got two pieces of candy from this cute presenter because I gave two answers he was looking for from the group--herpetology and ichthyology. Go, me!


And I'm trying to improve my photography skills--Did I mention we live on the Mississippi Flyway?
Love all the birds we get to see as they migrate. Here are some geese I followed as they crossed the sun.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. gorgeous bird picture!

    personally, I think you should extend your rules on athletic shoes to include field trips. It's a good thing to be prepared to run (or at least protect your toes!) anytime you're in the vicinity of a group of children.

  2. Cute jacket! I agree w/ Maggie on the athletic shoes. And you know, there are so many styles now (even at WM!) that you can get them to match your outfit for your next field trip. ; )

  3. Hey pretty,

    Great pictures and congrats on the candy! I agree totally with no athletic shoe rule. I never wear work out shoes for anything but working out. I don't know why, but I can't bring myself to it. My dear friend Jodi actually has high heeled sneakers for wearing pre-work-out! I haven't brought myself to this level yet, but I aspire to it!

  4. I will try the athletic shoes thing--I'll at least look at the mothership for something not too bouncy.

    High-heeled sneakers for pre-work-out? Awesome!