Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day Thirty-One: Costume Change!

I'm still in Indianapolis at Bouchercon. Saturday morning is my last event--an International Thriller Writers panel about an anthology--100 Must Read Thrillers--that will be out in 2010. I feel so privileged to have an essay on a Sherlock Holmes tale, The Hound of the Baskervilles, in it, though I'm terribly nervous about appearing on the panel. On Thursday, I attended a panel featuring several Sherlock Holmes experts. Wish I could have them all with me on the thriller panel!

Here's what I wore on Thursday:

That's the delightful Julie Kramer, author of the mysteries Stalking Susan and Missing Mark, on my right. One of the best things about attending a conference is getting the opportunity to spend time with friends.


Finally found a lightweight, black, v-neck cotton sweater. It's delicate and so will take special care.

Sweater: George $3 (clearance from $12); White blouse: George $12; Norma Kamali Classic Career Pants: $15; Shoes: Earth Spirit Black Leather $30; Jewelry: Necklace $8; Earrings $7 Total: $75

Evening Ensemble:

Had a great time at a restaurant called "Tastings." You purchase reloadable wine cards that let you dispense 2 oz portions of wine from specially tapped bottles. Very cool. And the food was amazing, too. (And just a tiny bit of shameless name-dropping...drank wine with wonderful writer chicks J.T. Ellison, Erica Spindler, and Sue Grafton. So much fun!)

Cable and Gauge Sweater (Sam's) $17; Norma Kamali Wide Legged Pants $18; George satin-trimmed black shell $8; Norma Kamali Red Shoes $20; Bracelet $8; Sparkly pearl earrings: $5  Total: $76

Props to the fabulous Keith Raffel for being brave enough to shoot the picture for me. Thanks, Keith!

Have a blessed weekend! xo


  1. The Hound of the Baskervilles is my favorite Sherlock Holmes story. I used to carry my copy around everywhere. I think it's neat that you got to write the essay on it, AND be on a SH panel!!!

    By the way - Red & black together are gorgeous, good pick!

    You really look like you're having fun, too! : )

  2. That shade of red is really nice on you! You look great.