Friday, October 23, 2009

Day Thirty-Seven: Field Trip Number Two--The Sleepy Slacker Edition

Twenty-four hours ago, I was sitting here on the couch assuring my mother that I would go to bed just as soon as I finished this blog post. An episode of Inspector Lewis, my favorite mystery series, was playing in the background. Next thing I knew, Jimmy Fallon was making a joke that was more obnoxious than charming, the dishwasher had finished running, and my laptop was out of power. So much for daily diligence...but I still have a few minutes before today becomes yesterday.

On Wednesday morning, I had the pleasure of driving three pre-teen girls to an inter-school music competition. They were cute and silly, and were stunned when I let them choose the radio station and eat snacks in the car. And I think I earned their undying loyalty when I passed around the Tic Tacs. There's something so appealing about the affection of teenagers--maybe because it can be so mercurial.

I really hated being a teenager. I think that's why it makes me so happy to see kids that age having a good time and being themselves. At least I assume they were being themselves--I know I was very busy trying on different personas back when I was twelve or thirteen.

Our last field trip was to the Conservation Fair. This time I wore a much more comfy ensemble and didn't take a sack lunch.

I try not to wear an outfit more than once every two weeks. (I don't know what Scout is eating in the pic--probably a stick. He's mad for sticks.) But this is one of my most comfy Norma Kamali outfits, and it's perfect for those days when one doesn't have a lot of time to get dressed.

See how much lighter the leggings look than the dress? They seem to have faded some with two washings. (The difference seems more pronounced than it is here.) Or it could be that they're just a different color all together.

Norma Kamali Athletic Dress: $18; NK leggings: $10; NK Tank: $8; NK Black ballet flats: $20; Jewelry: $7; Goofy Dog: Priceless.  Total: $63+

This may have been the last day for me to wear this outfit this fall. But I couldn't resist. I did throw a jacket in the car as well because the weather's getting cool and unpredictable.  I'm just not ready to give myself over to fall and winter. (Maybe it's because I can't seem to find anything that's warm enough to wear--except for coats!)

Oh, wait! I forgot to post this yesterday. It may explain the supercilious look on my face in my preppy ensemble pic. She was right above my head!

Hope you're ready for a fun weekend! L.


  1. (In my best Isaac Mizrahi):

    "Faded" is right, darling! Just in time for Halloween, you look like a ghost! To match your wonderful complexion and those beautiful eyes, you absolutely need some vibrant fall colors! You would look marvelous in a darker celadon, a visceral burgundy, or even a scrumptious dark chocolate!

    Oh my God, darling! Put those drabbys away for when you need to buzz saw some wood and get into some real fashion that will bring out that beautiful face and that gorgeous body!

    (OMG, I watch too many competition shows...)

  2. I'm so appreciative of this observation, Dave. I agree that the colors have gotten a little drab, and would LOVE to put the drabs away. (Though any celadon washes me out) I'll try to take a few more color risks--but the selection is VERY limited.

    You do a maaaaavelous Mizrahi, btw!