Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day Thirty-Nine: The Most Sam Clothes I've Ever Worn at Once

Fall is layering time, I hear. As I've mentioned before, it's not much fun to layer piles of polyester jersey. My skin gets all creepy-crawly because polyester and skin just don't get along all that well. Polyester is made from petroleum products, so I'm not terribly surprised. (Though, as this blogger attests, not all polyesters are equal. Some do have better breathing capabilities and a nicer hand. My Norma Kamali dresses are an excellent example.)

On Friday I took about $100 worth of clothes back to Walmart, and almost all of them were of the polyester variety from the White Stag label. The styling wasn't too grisly, but I'd bought them all in the earliest days of the project. I was frantic for something appealing to wear and worried about my October appearances in Nashville and Indianapolis. I've gotten to be quite the professional at returning things to the mothership: On each receipt I put red dots beside the skus of the items I'm returning and put all the items from that receipt in a single bag. I had seven bags on Friday. If you shop at Walmart, you know how they stop you at the door with any returning merchandise so they can tag it? Well, the greeters just wave me through now because I'm there almost every damn day.

I'm not going to whine anymore today about the lack of natural fibers in the mothership's clothing. But I might if the weather turns cold again soon. Fair warning....

While my folks were here, we went to Harbaugh's Cafe, my favorite breakfast place in town. (Wish their coffee were better--it's very diner-ish and I get some elsewhere on the way home.)

I have to post a pic with my parents because they're so cute:

My ensemble:

I'm hating on the belt. It's way too motorcycle mama for wear with a very conservative outfit. It definitely needs fewer holes. I like the bronze accents, though, and it works with That Damned Necklace. Also unhappy with the fact that the skirt is fading oddly and too big. I need to have it taken in, but I'd have to spend $15, and it's a $10 skirt. By the end of the day I'd safety-pinned its waist.

London Fog Raincoat: $30 (Sam's Club); Faded Glory denim skirt: $10; No Boundaries Belt: $8; Faded Glory Cami: $5; White Stag Sweater: $3 (clearance); George tights: $4; That Damned Necklace: $7; Earrings: $7; Awesome Red Rainboots: $25   Total: $99

And the tights are too shiny. No, the umbrella isn't from WM. I'm not exactly wearing it....

Have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. *laugh* Your parents ARE cute! Good "excuse" on the umbrella! ; )

    I often wonder why women's clothing seems to be made of more polyester & other unnatural fibres, while men's clothing is often 100% cotton. Boggles the mind!

  2. Carrie, that's a wonderful observation. Maybe it's because men don't wear sweaters often (acrylic) or shirts for fashion's sake. Poly jersey for men is rare, indeed. Also, they don't usually buy as many clothes? Hmmmm. I may have to broaden my WM department searches!