Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day Seventeen: Passing the Stylist Test and the Smiles or Frowns Game

Michelle, the young woman who cuts my hair, is very cool. She's not quite young enough to be my daughter, but she's refreshingly stylish for the neighborhood--no surprise that she was raised in the Chicago area. But when I visit her, I feel like such a mom. Fortunately, she reads everything, so we can talk books and say nice things about the people we know in common. We talk about other things, too, but I trust her implicitly. And, no, I don't think she'd spill on me for cash!

I'm insanely loyal to the person who cuts my hair. I like to find stylists who aren't worried about trying new styles, and aren't afraid to say, "No, Laura. You don't really want a Page Boy/purple highlights/Cruella Deville streaks/extensions/red hair." (Though Michelle might go for the red hair thing. She has gorgeous, tasteful tattoos. Not risk-averse, she!) I expect this explains one of the reasons why I will not be getting my hair cut and blondied at Walmart in the next 49.5 weeks. (Who's counting?)

When I showed up on Thursday for my appointment, I was feeling very good about this outfit. (I had to lighten the pic considerably so you could see the blouse/sweater. I know it looks washed-out. I'm working on the picture-taking. Promise.)

Don't know why I was so delighted. Maybe it was the black sweater tossed over my shoulders, or the red accent bangle, or the fact that I got to wear these shoes again:

The skirt hits just above the knee, just right. And it was windy and cool enough that I later had to put on the v-neck as well. That's why I had it with me.

I don't know. Michelle seemed to like the outfit fine. I know it's very much of a style that I might usually wear. Or at least might have, a year or two ago.

It just didn't seem...modern. It was a tad too classic. But I did feel confident and comfortable and put-together. In fact, that's been one of the saving graces of this project. I try to carefully plan my outfits in a way I didn't before, except when it came to conventions and appearances. I don't want to disappoint anyone who might be peeking in here, or myself. (Though everyone loves a train wreck and the occasional hot mess--I know I do!)

Much of the clothing sold by Walmart and Sam's is either boringly classic or too trendy in that cheesy way. So the big challenge for me has been to find things that are modern, but not too self-conscious.

The outfit's a fall/transitional keeper. I just won't be wearing it every week, I think.

George blouse $3 (clearance from $12); George cotton v-neck $3 (Clearance from $12); Faded Glory Skirt $5 (clearance from $12?); No Boundaries belt: $7 (I think); NormaKamali flats: $20; Bracelet: $7; Earrings: $7
Total: $52

Let's play "Smiles or Frowns." (I went w/ "Hot or Not" at first. But WM has that smiley face thing. Or does Smile or Frowns sound too dorky?) One the chopping block today is a pleather Faded Glory brown bomber jacket I got through for $30. (I sent the pleather black stroller jacket back. Toooooo shiny.)

Pros: $30, Actually looks distressed in a good way, cute style. Nice and neutral on blue jeans days.

Cons: Softish, but still not leathery. A tad shiny. Hits above the hip and that style tends to cut me off b/c of my short waist. Could use the $30 to get something different.

Does it make you Smile or Frown? Let me know what you think by end-of-day Monday, so I can wear it next week or take the $30 to Nashville with me to see if they have something better there.

You all are the best! Blessings--L.


  1. Can't tell how it would hang on you, but from the photo, it looks fine. I'd give it a smile.

  2. Yes, I was thinking what AG said, too. I like it, and give it a smile. : )

  3. Go for it, it looks a little different than other things you've been finding.

  4. Four smiles? How can I resist? Thanks, my dears! I'll do a photo when I wear it. xo