Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day Thirty-Eight: A Simple Sweater, A Sticky Frog

The leaves are falling fast. Finally, after a long, wet summer and fall, we have a few days worth of color on the trees:

Love the red accent halfway up the drive--Wish we had a whole row of these bushes.


This is perhaps the season's last spiderwort. 

With so much color around, it seemed like a good day to not try to compete:

My mom cracked me up when she said how jealous she was that she didn't see this RL sweater at Sam's Club. I bought it in gray, red, and off white, of course.

Ralph Lauren sweater: $21; Faded Glory jeans:$15; White Stag earrings: $7 Total: $43

These sweaters are the warmest indoor clothing I have now. I'd wear them every day, but that's a whole other blog.

How wet has it been? We even had frogs trying to get into the house Friday night:


Happy Saturday!


  1. Thanks for the foliage pictures! I've got some from today, finally, because it finally stopped raining! Cute frog, too, but only because it didn't get into the house. : )

    Oh yes, and yay for the comfy sweater! And for buying in different colors. Must remember to do that when I find things I like!!

  2. Yes! Do buy things you love in every color that appeals to you. You won't regret it--unless you buy five or six. Then it gets to feel like a uniform. I'm thinking of a particular Faded Glory cotton shirt I bought. Dislike them all now!