Friday, October 9, 2009

Day Twenty-Three: Me. In Color. Don't Know If This is a Good Thing.

Off I go, driving in the rain to the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, Tennessee, today. I'll be on a panel with J.T. Ellison and Meredith Cole, two thriller writers I am delighted to call friends.

The first time I went to the festival was back in 1994 or so, when Pinckney was there with Dogs of God. I was totally starstruck with all those professional writers--acres and acres of them. The day was incredibly hot, and there were tables set up outside. But I certainly didn't mind the heat as I went scrambling from table to table to stand in line to have my books signed.

I know it sounds silly, but I am thrilled to death to be going back there with my own books today. I only wish Pinckney could be there. Unfortunately, Bengal has the flu (not a terribly intense case, which is good news) and needs Daddy's TLC to get him through. It would be sweet, though.

Here's what I wore on Wednesday, Day 23.

Here are my issues with the outfit:

Skirt is too big. I had to buy a size 10 because they were out of 8s. I think even an 8 would've been loose because the skirt stretched a lot and didn't shrink at all. The sweater. Um, not a good style for me, I think. Even P said it made my waist look wide and it definitely isn't flattering in the shoulder area. (The belt was P's idea. It made the whole thing work a little better I think. Shoes--Very few options here. I took back a preppy pair of brown Earth Spirit flats because they were too bulky. Thank goodness it was warm enough for neutral sandals.

White Stag Sweater: $9 (clearance $12); Skirt: Faded Glory: $5 (clearance $11 ?); George blouse: $12; Shoes: LEI (I think) $7 (clearance $11) Belt: Faded Glory or No Boundaries $7 or 8. That Damned Necklace $7 and Earrings $7

Total: $61

What I'm wearing on the road today:

Can't see my feet--was in a major hurry. Red rain boots are in order!

Must run. Have a fabulous day!!!!


  1. I hope you have fun at the Festival! And that Bengal feels better soon. Oh, and that no one else in the family gets the flu, mild or otherwise! : )

  2. I had a great time, Carrie. Thanks! And everyone is now in pretty good health.