Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Thirty: (Day 30!!!)

With this post, I pass my first landmark goal. Thirty days!

I'm a little stunned to have made it this far. Two thoughts immediately come to mind: 1) I have eleven months to go; and 2) This is harder than I thought, but not in ways that I thought it would be.

Eleven months is a long time. It's roughly the gestation period for a horse or a mule. Twelve months gets you a buffalo or a camel. Thank goodness I didn't go for the elephant project, which would have been two years.

I decided to do this for a year because, well, a year gets me through every season plus transitional periods. September is a fashion transition period: You can't really wear white, but it's not yet time for sweaters and long pants. I tried not to overbuy for this period. I did end up overbuying of course because I panicked (love the word "panicked" because you get to add that K) and was afraid I'd be half-naked for the early fall. Everyone advised me to wear layers. Layers are useful, yes. But layering inexpensive poly jersey (bought a lot of it I'll be returning) is neither comfortable nor attractive.

More transitions will come between winter and spring.  One advantage of not overbuying is that I can check out spring clothes just as soon as they're available and get them in the sizes I need.

The challenges: I've already posted about the photography issues, and Best Beloved Friend Maggie has generously offered to advise me on them from afar. Assembling outfits is much more time-consuming than I imagined. There are many days when I just want to throw on sweats to write or do housework, but I feel pretty compelled to look like I haven't given up. (In life and on the blog) The last challenge is shopping. I'm not a big shopper. I'm a buyer. I tend to do big shopping excursions five or six times a year--they're often connected to Author Girl events. Now, I'm at freaking Walmart five or six times a week! And often when I travel. Oh, and there's the writing and picture posting. Really, that's the best part.

The night before a convention opens is like the first night on a cruise ship: nobody really dresses up because they've been traveling and probably haven't yet unpacked. I packed an outfit for evening just in case, but I ended up just wearing down to the bar the outfit I'd worn all day:

I love, love, love this Norma Kamali Snow Trees shirt. So comfortable, plus I like the extra-long sleeves. (The flash washed it out--it's a good, solid black color.) I wore the George Slimming Black Cami beneath it so I'd be warm.

Norma Kamali Snow Trees Shirt $10 (?); Nine West Jeans (Sam's) $17; Earth Spirit Black Clogs $30;
Jewelry: That Damned Necklace $7; Earrings: Sterling Hoops $12  Total: $76

****Special thanks to the lovely and talented Answer Girl for taking the picture. And welcome, Tribe!

Having a fabulous time. Very nervous about my morning panel with David Morrell, Gayle Lynds, and Lee Child! Wish me luck!


  1. (I think you secretly love that necklace.)

  2. Heehee - Branda, I was thinking the same thing!

    Love that shirt, too, especially the neckline. I don't often see the two together (swoopy neckline & pattern) & I like it!