Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day Sixteen: Norma in Black

Wednesday was one of those days where I wrote in--well, I don't know what random pj-like clothes I was writing in. But I had lots to do at the end of the day and so slipped into the black version of this outfit (which I loved):

I think this outfit is just as cute, but a tad more sophisticated since it's all black:

Okay, I expect the unzipped dress looks a tad frowsy and large here. Again, I wear the dress zipped up to mid-torso. And, yes, the graphic says "I Love My Dog." I think the Kamali folks were going for whimsy. It kind of works. It's a change, anyway.

This time, I did wear the black Dr Scholl's sandals:

Added small silver earrings, too. A simple, fast look all together.

NKAthletic Dress $18; NK Leggings $10; NK Tee $8;  Shoes $13; Earrings $5  (?) Together: $54

Wish I could wear these outfits all winter. But it's already getting very chilly.

What I'm Sending Back:

Ordered these shoes from They're called "Special Occasion Shoes." The acronym S.O.S. is especially significant here. These shoes made me feel like I needed rescuing! Like the striking 4" heels, and the color isn't bad. But they are way too small. And don't get me started about trying to return them. The company will send me a return authorization in about a week.

There just are no words for the tacky impression these deceptively simple pumps make.

NOTE: Why are the people on "What Not to Wear" so grumpy with their makeover subjects?

Thanks for reading!


  1. What Not to Wear link is fixed...I think I was really tired when I linked it to a, uh, picture of nothing!

  2. When I met you I had a pair of navy pumps in this same sort of style that you told me I couldn't wear anymore, but I don't remember why. Too dowdy, I believe.

  3. That sounds like me. Sorry about that!