Monday, October 26, 2009

Day Forty: Sometimes Vanity Gets a Girl All Wet--Or Her Shoes, Anyway

Can't believe I did this!

I thought I was so clever taking this picture of my beloved red patent Norma Kamali heels out in the colorful garden a few days ago:

Well, after I posted, this happened--nearly two inches of rain:

Leading to things like this fungus growing in the nearby mulch:


So, you can imagine I was dismayed to find--48 hours or so after I took the shot--the shoes still in the garden:

They were completely soaked through. I was lucky that a raccoon or the roaming hound that marks my garden when we're sleeping didn't carry them off. But the good news is that plastic doesn't shrink! I'm watchful of the soles and footpads, lest the glue become un-gluey. While they were drying in the bedroom, I had to grab one to smash a ginormous spider that was about to attack me in the bathroom. P thoughtfully wiped the spider guts off the toe--My hero! They're resting in their flannel baggies now. Baggies that cost half as much as the $20 shoes.

The boy has been sick, sick, sick. So yesterday I didn't do much as far as getting dolled up for photos. I'm all Barbalooted, as we call it around our house. It's from the Barbaloots in the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax. You know...Barbaloot suits!

Jones New York velour pants: $16 (Sam's Club--we'll talk about what I like to call "vanity pricing" soon.) Laura Ashley v-neck tee: $8 (Sam's Club--lo, how the mighty have fallen); That Damned Necklace: $7 (Why I had that on, I don't know); George earrings: $7 ; No shoes: (Probably socks. Definitely miss my Uggs.)  Total: $38

Tomorrow: Walmart envy and a new rule.

Have a fabulous week!


  1. See, now this is a nice tee! And what a beautiful smile!

    I have a baggy blue sweat ensemble that I wear in the winter that my wife refers to as my "Barbaloot Suit." Thanks for reminding me to dig it out!

  2. Dave, you're so nice! "Baggy blue sweat ensemble?" Hmmmmm. Wonder if your wife will thank me... :)

  3. Oh, eep to the shoes being left out! Hopefully they won't get un-gluey or anything. Nothing profound today, that's all I have - a wish that your shoes won't un-glue! *laugh*