Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day Forty-Two: This is So Not My Boyfriend's Jacket

Last month I bought this jacket from Walmart online:

I eagerly anticipated it. A tailored jacket is definitely on Tim Gunn's List of Ten Essentials. (You should definitely own this book, no matter what your budget.) But I found this jacket to be a little baggy, a little too boyfriend-ish. And the shawl collar? Maybe if you're Steve McQueen or Sinatra. (Though I could go for this from Barney's or this awesomeness from Alexander Wang.) So I sent it back. Norma Kamali had a regular lapel version at the Walmart in Kirkwood, MO, but the overall effect was still too baggy, too mannish. If you're tall and waif-thin, like the model above, it could be cute. My own facial features are strong enough that I don't need a polyester-fueled testosterone injection.

Tailored is much more my taste. So I was thrilled to come across this jacket at the Kirkwood Walmart:

It's called the NK Terry Pea jacket. Love the tailoring, love the fit. Because I don't have much of a waist and broad shoulders, I don't usually look good in double-breasted jackets. But this jacket is nipped in at the waist so I kind of look like I have a waist.

After Day Forty-One's ego-killer, I was delighted to be able to put together a look that approximated the one the Kim Novak Lookalike was wearing.

Here I am, doing my best Cheerful Emma Peel:

And my best Scary, Way-too-old-to-be-Emma Peel:


Norma Kamali Terry Pea Jacket (black): $20; Nine West dark denim jeans: $17 (Sam's Club); To The Max blouse: $16; Earth Spirit Shoes: $30; Paisley Scarf: $5; No Boundaries red bracelet: $8; George earrings: $8   Total: $104

Just wish I could find a decent tailored jacket or blazer that wasn't terry fabric. This one will do for fun, casual wear, but I'm afraid to wash it. Though I need to, because terry fibers got all over the blouse.

**Top photo via and NK Terry Pea Jacket photo via

Have a delightful Wednesday! L.


  1. superb. great concept of dressing cute but inexpensive. simply grand.

  2. Thanks for coming by, Shelby. You have one of my very favorite southern names, ever.