Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day Eighteen: Throbbing Amygdalae and Cold Feet

Day Eighteen. Let me think....

Discovered drips of something or other on the garage floor, right beneath the front passenger side of my car. Had to take it to our favorite mechanics first thing. But I got cleaned up before I left. That really helps me to get my day on track. My favorite online lifestyle coach, Marla Cilley at, recommends doing this every day as part of one's routine. Unfortunately, I get all bollixed up about wanting to exercise first, and then I procrastinate, and end up showering at 3:00, just before I have to pick up my son at school. The inside of my head is chaos, I tell you! And now that I need to photograph each outfit before I dress--well, let's just say I need fewer workouts because I'm running, running up and down the middle of my house all the time.

I did get to travel to our local Sam's Club in the afternoon for a little sweater/outerwear shopping. I've been fearful in a throbbing amygdala way about the coming cold weather. A long, gray Norma Kamali sweater arrived on Thursday by mail, but that's the only thing I had that promised me indoor warmth. (Well, there is the Fuzzy White Sweater of Doom, but it's not cheer-inspiring, or even particularly warm.

I love to be warm! I have shelves and shelves of sweaters of all types. Wool Nordic sweaters like this one are my favorites.

I dislike acrylics, do not insist on cashmere, and have a fondness for folkloric patterns or very delicate flowers. Most of all, though, I want to be warm! (This reminds me that I only have workout socks--I don't like to wear socks, but sometimes one must. I wear Ugg boots without socks for much of the year. How I will miss them.)

Will post photos of the things I bought as I wear them: Micro fleece casual jacket, two hoodies--one of sweatshirt material, one a knitted sweater; both have sheared fleece interiors (Soft like bunny fur. Paid $120 for one at Dillard's last year. It's way cooler, of course.); two patterned sweaters w/ faux crystal buttons (faux vintage), two Ralph Lauren (bought for warmth, not label) cotton ski-style sweaters; one grey acrylic sweater delicate scalloping on the edges. Will probably need two or three more, but it's a good start.

Enjoyed wearing this outfit--particularly after it warmed up in the afternoon. I felt like a rebellious 15 yr-old boy in my thong sandals and shorts in the morning when it was only about 55 degrees outside. (I did know a girl in high school who was suspended several times because she refused to wear shoes. When it snowed, she wore socks. Poor thing. Must have really needed the attention.) Best part of the outfit was the color mix, I think. Brown, pomegranate, ivory.

You can tell I was up early because of the blazing sun coming in the window.

First clothing defect: One of the snaps on the hoodie unattached from the shirt when I tried to take it off the hanger.

Faded Glory hoodie: $10; Miley Cyrus/Max Azria tank: $8 (or was it $6); L.E.I. Shorts $7 (clearance from $13 or so); Earrings: $7; Shoes: $7   Total est: $39

Tomorrow: Something orange. (And not in a good way.)

Welcome, Karen, Patty, and Jody--and many hugs to my early faithful friends. Have a great week!


  1. I was in Wal-Mart yesterday to buy dog food, and went to the clothing section just to see what might turn up on the blog — and looked specifically at some long cardigans, wondering whether you'd bought one. They didn't look bad and they were ridiculously cheap, but they WERE 100% acrylic; deal-breaker for me, and I'm guessing for you as well.

  2. Refusing to wear shoes? She was ahead of her time - I hear that Michael Franti (my new favorite singer) doesn't wear shoes, either. And I have a 10-year old who often forgets to put on shoes before we leave the house - last weekend he went barefoot to a birthday party!

  3. I had a friend in college who refused to wear shoes, we called him Dan Dan the No Shoe Man. Catchy, I know. LOL

    I love sweaters, too! Hope you'll be able to find lots you'll learn to love this season. : ) (Learning to love something you thought you wouldn't like is much better than hating something you thought you'd love. If that makes sense...!)