Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day Thirty-Six: Chainsaw 101

A quick update on Tuesday's Chainsaw 101 class and what I wore. My parents are coming to visit today and I have to run around and wipe down light switch plates.

P and I were so excited about this class. We have several trees that came down during last spring's inland hurricane that we need to cut up, and we're anxious to get to work as soon as the weather cools and the neighborhood snakes go into their hidey-holes. I bought P a chainsaw for his last birthday, and we haven't used it very much.

P tells me that the format of the chainsaw class was much like a concealed carry permit class. Lots of info, but nothing hands-on. I envisioned each us at our own little outdoor stump and chainsaw station, ready to bust things up. But it was not to be. It was all classroom instruction led by a very nice man who was handy with Power Point. We did see plenty of grisly accident pics, and learned how to avoid chainsaw "kickback," something that can be very dangerous. I will say that I now have way more information than I need about how to sharpen my own chains.

Very little flannel there. I think the DNR guy in the audience was wearing it. There was plenty of camo, but also several older people in khaki and sensible shoes who looked a tad too delicate to be chopping up trees.

P and I did learn that we're going to have to load up on safety equipment for our project. Here we are modeling some:

Here's P showing us some chaps. I think they have Kevlar in them or something.

This is the fancier of the two safety helmets. Love the attached ear muffins and the mesh face screen.

We also need gloves w/ Kevlar and steel-toed boots. Will have more pics when we suit up for real.


Faded Glory hoodie: $10; George gray cami $6 (Didn't really want the lace, but the other gray cami was in the laundry (when I went to wash this one, I found the plastic price sticker still stuck to the front of it!); Faded Glory Jeans: $15; Shoes-Danskin Athletic shoes: $14 (?); Jewelry-Earrings $7   Total: $52

Wasn't really happy about the white athletic shoes. I felt conspicuous. I only like to wear them when I'm exercising. Time to get those steel-toed boots, don't you think?

Tomorrow: Field trip

Have a safety-conscious day!

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