Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day Thirteen: Is That Me Disguised as a Sitcom Granny?

Forty-seven is an awkward age. I'm about the same age as Felicity Huffman, Demi Moore, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ally Sheedy, and Marcia Cross. It's not realistic to compare myself to these professionally beautiful women, I know. I'm also the same age as:

But I can't sing like she does. Not even close.

I don't want to look like a teenager, or even a twenty-five year-old. I certainly don't want to look like one of The Golden Girls, either. (Stylish as they were/are.)

Things I avoid: miniskirts, Converse, too-graphic tees, pirate insignia, too much cleavage, capri pants, sensible shoes, patchwork, caftans, bright pink polyester, lap rugs and housedresses.

Sunday's Ensemble:

I love the print on the skirt, especially the subtle color combination. It hits just above the knee.


I lightened up the detail on the linen shirt so you could see the cut-out detail on the front. The black tank was only moderately successful. It's cheaply made, and the fabric has very little body to it. I found myself having to adjust it because it kept sagging to reveal the top of my black bra.

My issue with the linen shirt: It looked just plain frumpy without the tank beneath it, despite its snappy mandarin collar. Its straight hem indicates that it's meant to be worn untucked, which is fine for some. I confess that I think a shirt needs to have some shape or very interesting movement and detail to be worn out, or it ends up looking sloppy. (Depends on one's body shape, too.) This shirt also needed to remain unbuttoned--a look that feels awkward for me.

These ladies look fab, but I'd just as soon wait 20-30 years to emulate their style. (Well, except for Bea Arthur who always looked fierce and totally sophisticated in her appearance photos.)

(photo via TVLand)

Shoes: My mom found these Norma Kamalis at a Walmart near Cincy (thanks, Mom!). I wanted to wear them, but they just didn't work. Too contemporary for the outfit, and too much shoe for the linen/cotton combo. Don't you love them, though?!

I chose to go with these--again, not so obviously shiny in person. Their light color kept the attention from my feet, though they're not quite nude against my skin.

Overall: 2.5/5 points for classic style elements and color combination.

White Stag Linen Shirt: $12; George Cotton skirt: $7 clearance ($16); Faded Glory cotton tank: $5; Shoes: $7 clearance ($11); 10K Gold hoop/dolphin earrings $30 clearance ($40); No Boundaries bangle: $8 (part of set)   Total: $69

Note: Bea was definitely my favorite Golden Girl, but I'd rather have Betty White as my grandma. You?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those Norma Kamali flats are gorgeous -- I want a pair!

    Totally agree about Betty White. Have you seen her on the Jimmy Fallon show? Water-out-your-nose funny.

  2. I like those flats, too. And, yes about Betty White. She's sweet as can be, but has a great edge so she'd be a hoot to hang with at family events.

  3. I like those flats, except my fat lil feet have issues w/ those elastic criss crosses! *pout*

    My grammy actually reminds me a lot of Betty White - w/o the potty mouth. : )

  4. My grandmas were both very ladylike, too, Carrie. I think that's why I like Betty so much--she's so unexpected!

    AG--Isn't Jimmy Fallon on at eleven-thousand o'clock?! I just watched last night's House and it's 10:20 and I'm wrecked. Go get the shoes! Not available online, though. : (

    Judy--We should adopt Betty! I get her for Christmas cocktails, please.