Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 58: Five Pounds and I Don't Want to Diet Again

Yesterday I tweeted that my annual winter weight-gain project is well under way. Ahead of schedule, actually. At five pounds gained since the week before Halloween, I'm already hovering around mid-December type numbers. For me, there's no better reminder of my genetic closeness to the fuzz-burdened caterpillar outside my front door than my seasonal craving for endless carbohydrates.

Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I alone in my madness? Worse, I still can't get cozy in all this damn acrylic I've been wearing lately. Right now I have on a 97% cotton, 3% spandex blouse with a thin cotton sweater and an acrylic sweater layered over it. I feel kind of itchy, like a five year-old in a polyester Easter dress.

I don't want fruit or anything even vaguely resembling a vegetable. I want to sit. And sit some more. Maybe watch television or read. While I'm sitting--wrapped in layers of combed cotton and wool--I want to eat popcorn, shortbread cookies, cashews (ah, protein), chocolate, and chips. Doesn't matter what kind of chips. I prefer regular potato chips or sour cream and onion, but I'll take taco chips in a pinch, or whatever is in the variety snack bags I have tucked away for Bengal's lunch.

Last fall, I got a jump on the weight gain with the Flat Belly Diet. I reviewed it for a newspaper, (LOVE the black dress in the pics--the polka dots were cute in the other, but it's not a good cut for me) and even did a month-long blog that chronicled the adventure called Laura Does a Diet. I'm not going to do that diet this year. Too expensive, too time-consuming. I really just need to get the fork out of my mouth and get myself on the exercise bike!

So, on Wednesday, I was still pretty sick. I did manage to get dressed:

Sorry. I was feeling silly. It was late....Yesterday morning I hung up the clothes so you could see them. (Still can't find my memory card.)

The outfit was almost cozy.

Green Tea hoodie: $23 (Sam's); White Stag ls scoop neck tee: $10; Calvin Klein cords: $17 (?) (Sam's); F'aux Uggs: $34 (Sam's)   Total $84

Love the pumpkin/coral color of the hoodie. The cords are olive green--my favorite.

Have a terrific Friday the 13th--and let's all stay out of the chips and cookies, shall we? Save room for pie. xo


  1. that's a really cute picture of you!

  2. Are the Green Tea hoodies comfy? I've looked at them a couple times, but they seem almost too warm for indoors...

  3. Thanks, M! xoxo

    Cin--I highly recommend the Green Tea hoodies. The cable sweaters are cute. I got white and coral, then I got a navy blue sweaty version. They are quite warm, but I tend to keep the house pretty cool and desperately hate to be cold.

  4. Hey beautiful,

    Hope you're feeling better soon! Adorable picture! I tend to gain weight summer or winter. I blame it on the writing life which isn't all that athletic. Plus, I bribe myself with snacks. Somehow other forms of bribery are not as effective.

  5. Hi, doll-- Snack bribery is always appropriate--before or after the work!