Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 59: In Shades of Black and Gray

I'm really going to miss being able to take my wardrobe photos outside when it starts getting really cold. When it comes to light, there's no comparison between what can happen outside and what I'm able to manage inside. Perhaps during the long winter I can learn more about indoor lighting for photos and how I can make them look better. Our house is so close to the woods that we don't get an enormous amount of light inside--I don't even try to grow indoor plants. (Better for them--I always over water anyway!)

I watched Part I of Project Runway's season finale yesterday. It wouldn't be hard to find out who actually won last spring. There are spoilers available everywhere, but I like to have things unfold slowly. Have you ever watched the show? I'm a huge fan, and it's taught both P and I a lot about fashion and the work it takes to make it happen. This season has been disappointing because they've focused so intensely on the personalities, rather than the contestants training and professional development. The competition has gotten much tougher over the years, the contestants more talented. They've also gotten better looking. Hmmmm. Wonder why?

This season, the final three are all women and they all appear to be at the same skill level. They're all fine, but not one of them stands out or seems to have an identifiable vision. Without vision, they're just young and attractive and talented.

I've been thinking a lot about vision lately. It's a rare thing. Then again, maybe it's not so rare as it used to be. Now, because of our massive capabilities in communication, we have almost instant access to talent as soon as it buds. Talent is cheaper because it's available in greater supply. So a few folks are bound to surface with a stronger vision than their peers. But we don't necessarily recognize it because it comes so cheap. The writer Cormac McCarthy explores this concept a bit in his recent interview with the WSJ. I need to think about it more. The whole idea is rather unsettling and makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing getting out of bed every day....

Your personal style should be YOUR vision of how you want to feel, how you want to interact with the world. You don't have to be a fashion designer or even very interested in fashion. But what we wear and, more importantly, how we wear what we wear is part of how we communicate with the world. Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn't it? It's not vanity or foolishness or selfishness--unless it is taken intentionally to those levels.

Sure, we all have limitations--budget, access, fashion education, interest--but it's our internal vision that will shine through. Eventually.

My vision feels a tad murky here, the sweater shapeless, and the color bleh. Plus, there's a ginormous tree growing out of my head. A real through-the-glass-darkly effect. Ah, well. Can't win them all.


Faded Glory cotton sweater: $10; To the Max 97/3 pinstripe blouse: $3 (clearance $16); Norma Kamali cords: $15; Kenneth Cole Jacket: $79 (Sam's); Earth Spirit Shoes: $30; Silver Earrings: $12; Spider Necklace: $60  (I'll take a close-up of this soon)    Total: $209, a new record!

Like the pants a lot. They're a fine wale, and so hang very nicely. A flare at the bottom. The blouse is cute, too. Would look great with a black or white v-neck.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

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