Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day Forty-Five: The Sleepy Girl's Edition

As I write this, it's already time to set the clocks back. The day got madly away from me--two trick or treating events, a playdate for the boy, brownie making for a fundraiser, visiting my p.o. box for the first time in six weeks, and transforming myself into...wait for it...a zebra for Halloween.

On Thursday I took a friend, Becca M., to shop for clothes for her new job teaching high school seniors.  It was my first shopping trip outside the mothership in six weeks, and was VERY enlightening. We met at Target, but didn't stick around long. I'm stunned to report that I found the clothing there to be quite expensive. Stunned because Target is my happy place.

But I'll pass on the details tomorrow. I will tell you that I was foolishly over the moon when the young woman at Target's popcorn/ICEE bar (of course we stopped there on the way out) told me she loved my jacket. And you know where I bought it!

Ensemble: George Safari Jacket: $17 (clearance $25); Nine West jeans: $18 (Sam's); George white cami: $10; Earth Spirit shoes $30; Jewelry: $14 total   For all: $89

Hope you had a lovely, spooky Halloween!


  1. It works! Obviously, I can do a whole lot better when I put together my own outfits from Sam's. What a fun blog idea!

  2. Neat jacket! : )
    Do we get pictures of you as a zebra? I think that'd be cool...

  3. Yay--Tia's here! Love your new blog. I'm so glad that you stopped by!

    Carrie--I do like this jacket. Thanks. In fact I like it so much that I'm happy to overlook the fact that its belted waist is practically around my shoulders!