Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day Forty-Eight: Wash Before Wearing!

It's kind of tough to follow a zebra costume, and it was darned hard getting that makeup off. But the whole evening was definitely worth Bengal's massive candy haul.

After all that black and white, I was thinking a little red might be nice.  In laying out my clothes for  church on Sunday morning, I picked out a George black sheath dress that you haven't seen before and paired it with that cute red and black cardigan I wore to Bouchercon a few weeks ago. But then I realized that it was yet another zebra print. And I just couldn't go there.

I did go red, after all.

(I have to start remembering to keep the dogs in the house when I take these photos. As soon as they hear the camera's timer beeping, they think it's time to play and come running. I can't tell you how many pics I've had taken while being knocked over by the dogs, had a dog running behind me so it looks like I've grown a tail, or was laughing so hard that I fell out of the picture. Do forgive me if I look askance at my dear Hrothgar. He's particularly enthusiastic.)

It's not a bad outfit. I'm still grateful to reader Dave for pointing out that I needed a little color in my life. I've rarely worn red--Like red shoes, anything red on the body announces itself as soon as you come into a room. Whether you like it or not. Also, it's not great against my skin because my skin has too much yellow in it and it doesn't complement the red. It helps to have the white shirt between the red and the rest of me, I think.

Fortunately, our church is a very laid back sort of place. Blue jeans are always welcome.

This was a comfortable outfit, but a little boring. You can't see it here, but I wore a kind of spiffy necklace that looks like a silver model of some solar system. I guess my head would have to be the sun? Uh, let's not take that any further. But the sweater and blouse did need a little something to jazz them up.

Problems: While I am delighted to tell you that the sweater is cotton, and not that damned acrylic stuff, I'm afraid it's way too thin to be warm. In photos, you can also see the white of the blouse showing through in the chest area. (BTW--If you're planning to have your picture taken while wearing something knitted and black, do wear a black bra, definitely not a white one, or you will look like something is trying to escape through the front of your top. Fair warning.)

Here's what my sweet white blouse looked like after I took it and the sweater off:

Can you see all the nasty red lint? Ugh. I was very worried that is wouldn't wash away. It did, but I made sure to use extra detergent and several rinses. Why do I think that this would never happen with, say, an Adrienne Vittadini sweater? I truly would have appreciated a heads-up on the lint thing here, Walmart!

Ensemble: Faded Glory sweater: $10; Faded Glory jeans: $15; To the Max blouse (LOVE the 4-button cuffs. I want more To the Max stuff, but I only found a few pieces in Kirkwood, MO) $17; Earth Spirit shoes: $30; George necklace: $7; Sterling silver hoops: $12    Total: $91

Remember: Wash before wearing!!!!

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