Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 62: I'm Not a Candidate, and I Don't Play One on T.V.

I am not a pantsuit fan. I did have a very cool Cabernet-colored pantsuit with a jacket that zipped up the front. Bought it from Sierra Trading Post years ago for about $75 and I'd seen it retail for almost $400. Sadly, the pants were a half size too small, except for about five minutes when I accidentally lost a few pounds. I found them again quickly, though, and the pantsuit was never the same.

I always feel like this in a pantsuit:

Say what you like about the woman's politics, but I  never could get a bead on the pantsuit thing. She  doesn't have the figure for pants. Monochromatic color schemes, yes. Pantsuit, I don't think so. (Though the dark gray, second from the right looks nice.)

Even though our church is quite casual, it's nice to dress up sometimes. Sunday, I came darn close to the pantsuit thing. The Norma Kamali Pants and Jacket are separates and the blacks don't quite match, but the effect was suit-ish:

The jacket isn't closely fitted and has a standard peaked lapel. I put a dark blue cami with it for variety. Black and blue together is very fashion-forward this season and it looks much less formal than all black. But it was the scarf that pulled it all together.

Really like the shoes:

(photo from www.walmart.com)

I think they were all of $12--they're very cute on. The narrow heel did pinch a bit, but it will stretch with wear. (Okay, the pinch turned into a little bleeding. I wasn't wearing socks. Will next time. One of the vagaries of vinyl as opposed to cushy soft leather.)

Ensemble: Norma Kamali Jacket: $20; Norma Kamali Career Pants: $15; George cami: $7; Scarf: $5; Pearls: $18; Earrings: $7; Shoes: $12; Belt: $8  Total: $92

Later in the day, I had to lead a Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey) discussion. I switched the jacket for a black sweater and put on different black shoes.

Faded Glory acrylic sweater: $12

Very comfortable against my skin. I've maligned the ubiquitous Chinese acrylic beast a lot here lately. (Did you know they don't make acrylic in the U.S. anymore?) Couldn't find much on acrylic fiber on the web. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about acrylic, and, further, how polymers that make up such things are constructed. What a shame that it pills so badly and isn't very cozy.

What are you wearing today?

P.S. A very happy birthday today to my always stylish Mother-In-Law, Ann!


  1. Hey beautiful,

    I can't wear pantsuits or slacks of any kind. For some reason, they all make me look like a preying mantis. Seriously. A deranged one. I always want to and it's like when I wore glasses briefly (people kept saying, Why? Why are you doing that -- umm, I can't see?) and well, I think it's my figure. It's best suited for jeans and or dresses. Or a tent-like creation. I LOVE the pictures of you on this post. So pretty! As for the Eeyore pjs, hell, if I was going to go Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore would be my man. I think it's adorable. As it is, I did find a very cute Snoopy boxer shorts selection for the coming winter months.

  2. Now, a preying mantis, I'd like to see! I can't imagine you looking anything but adorable in everything you put on. Really.

    I will wear Eeyore with pride. But I draw the line at Tinkerbell. She's evil. I don't care if they *say* she's been rehabbed. xoxo

  3. I adore that scarf, and the shoes are cute. Very good pictures of you, also.

    Today I wore the fashion forward choice of tennies with a skirt. Mostly because I don't have rain boots & my normal work shoes get my feet wet when it rains. Thankfully, everyone in my office is well used to my ... interesting... fashion choices! : )

  4. I get so many compliments on the scarves--thanks, Carrie. No one ever believes that they cost only $5.

    "interesting fashion choices" = style!