Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day Forty-Nine: In Which I Pretend I'm a Really Old, Kind of Stocky Twiggy, but Stand near Some Beautiful Water

There are some fall days that are just delicious. I'm thankful every day to live in a place where we have four distinct seasons, all with their own character and nuances. I confess that I'm not particularly fond of the nuances of ice storms and tornadoes, but at least the weather here is never dull.

On the other hand:

On my iTouch, the weather app face is a little picture of a sun and a temperature reading of 73 degrees. So when I get up in the morning and turn it on, I always have this frisson of pleasure, then disappointment because 73 is like a magical number. What a perfect temperature. When I was a teenager, I knew I could go sunbathe in my bathing suit if it was 73 degrees. Isn't it always 73 degrees in Hawaii, or something? I confess that I could easily live out the rest of my life anywhere that holds a constant, steady 73 degrees.

Here's a pic of our pond. I love how the look of the pond changes from day to day.

If I hadn't been doing this project, I probably wouldn't have gone to the trouble of taking this picture. I try to keep images like this in my mind, but the Internet is, sadly, much more reliable for archiving.

I'm happy to announce that the Norma Kamali gray sweater/coat has been redeemed! I put it on in the morning with a scoop neck white t-shirt and gray leggings. The entire ensemble was dull as dishwater. So I ditched the knitted self-belt and replaced it with a big woven leather one that is much better for the sweater when it comes to scale. I added a black turtleneck, black boots, and leggings. Finally, I'm loving this sweater.


Norma Kamali gray sweater/coat: $20; No Boundaries belt: $8; Norma Kamali leggings: $10; Chaus turtleneck $12 (Sam's Club); L.E.I. faux sueded slouchy boots: $29; pearl stud earrings: $7
Total: $86

Can't wait to wear this again!

And one last Halloween treat that won't rot your teeth--The pumpkins that Bengal and I carved. Now they are getting nice and gooey and scary on the porch.....


Hope your week is full of blessings--and chocolate. Kind of the same thing!


  1. I like this, although I would personally die if I had to wear slouch boots. Or leggings.

    I've started doing yoga and pilates at the local YMCA and bought two pairs of work out pants at the mothership on Monday. Of course I thought of you!! (I tried on the ones at target, but saved $14 by going with wally!)

  2. Cuuute! I think the sweater definitely looks good w/ the black. And Branda, I have to say - way to go on the savings! : )

  3. Branda--You so would not die! You'd look adorable. Matching ones for the girls, too. And Obie could be like the Antonio Banderas Puss-In-Boots from Shrek!

    Yay for you doing yoga and pilates. Have fun. So glad you have a YMCA there. Child care, too?

    Carrie--I agree. The black and whatever this color is work pretty well. Thanks!