Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 65: OMG! Only 300 Days Left!

Do I sound excited? I was tempted to go overboard and use up all my exclamation points for the week in my title. But I restrained myself. It does feel good to be below the 300 mark. I like round numbers.

Someone very close to me said a thing that grabbed my attention the other day. I'm paraphrasing...She said that reading my blog has made her very happy to look into her closet and see that it's full of clothes that she likes. Her words certainly didn't hurt my feelings or anything. They reminded me that it's enjoyable and comforting to be surrounded by things that we like--or even love.

So, I'm not loving my clothes so much these days. I am stupidly excited about wearing my Eeyore jammie pants to bed tonight. And even more excited to have all of my pajama tees and pants and shorts clean at once. (BIG laundry day.) A couple of weeks ago, I would drag myself into the bedroom around midnight and paw around for something Walmartish to wear to bed. I wasn't very organized and didn't have much of a repertoire. Now--woo-hoo! It's 100% cotton and Eeyore all the way! Plus, I have my f'uggs to keep me warm when I'm making the boy's lunch in the morning.

It goes without saying that life goes well beyond clothes...other things I like: our silly dogs, the coneflowers still blooming in the garden despite the frost, Ghirardelli 70% Dark Chocolate, dates with my guys, all the amazing plants in our upper pasture that look different every day, my friends--online and offline--who accept me as I am and trust me with their thoughts, that awesome Forever New fabric wash stuff that makes my WM lingerie and sweaters smell pretty like they're worth hundreds, writing, my kids' jokes, the Bose stereo in my car, my favorite pillow, edamame, and capers. I could babble on about world peace and babies' smiles, but everyone likes that stuff....

Kind of makes me thankful, despite the baggy blue jeans.

What are three things that you like?

Day 65's ensemble:

Ha! I find it kind of ironic that I'm wearing one of my least favorite mothership items today. Here's that odd olive sweater. I wore it weeks ago with something ivory beneath it, I think. While it looks better with the black turtleneck, I still find it, well, not cute. It's boxy and such a thin knit that it doesn't hang or drape so much as cling to me. The belt makes it bearable, but I'm not happy that it's woven. A plain belt would've been better. The plainer black ones I have are both too narrow and have silver buckles. Add in blue jeans that have become a little ho-hum, and I have to give it all a big YAWN. Let's not forget That Damned Necklace.

Redeeming characteristics: Love olive/black/denim bronze combo. (could do w/out the denim, but it's okay.) The turtleneck is surprisingly comfortable and warmish.

White Stag sweater: $11; Faded Glory turtle: $10; Faded Glory belt: $11; Faded Glory jeans: $15; That Damned Necklace: $7; Earrings: $7; Earth Spirit shoes: $30   Total of 100%-Walmart Ensemble (no Sam's Club items): $87  (Gucci bags beneath my eyes: $0)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ewwww, Capers!! Totally ick in my book! ; )

    Three things I like are my three children's very distinct personalities. They are the weirdest people I know, the most endearing, the smartest, and the most enjoyable to spend 24 hours a day with every day. (Well, slightly less than 24 if you deduct my web time.)

  2. Hey beautiful,

    LOVE the picture! So cute! That sweater rocks -- black and olive is a very good combination. Let's see three things this week -- coedine cough syrup (yes, I have the swine flu!), Movie Taverns (looking forward to watching good and bad movies with friends over break with food and drinks -- why more states don't have these, I'll never know), and L's writing log entry the other day titled "My Michelle" complete with a drawing of me that made me look like a cross between Snow White with the Wicked Queen's outfit on that included such bon mots as "I love my Michelle because she gives me Dr. Pepper. Other Michelle's might not share."

  3. I like that umbrella.
    I like New Moon (especially seeing it first w/ one of my aunts who had NO CLUE what was going on, so she & my mom played telephone, asking me questions throughout the movie. This would annoy some ppl, but I find it hilarious!).
    I like the new Wrangler denim/flannel shirt I was gifted from the Mothership. It's warm & has jacket pockets! : )

  4. Dearest Branda, I totally understand your aversion to capers. They are definitely an acquired taste!

    And I think your children's personalities are adorable and funny--Wish I knew the little guy better. :(

    Sweet Michelle--Ugh. Swine flu? That is no fun at all. Stay cozy and don't try to do too much. There was a movie/restaurant place in Roanoke--a tavern sounds like more fun, but I would be so tempted to chat and miss the film...and the drawing--priceless!

    Hi, Carrie! I think my mom bought me that umbrella. Not WM, of course, but then one doesn't really *wear* an umbrella the way one wears a handbag. Love, love, love the image of Twilight Telephone during the film. How brave they were to go!

    I'll have to search out the Wrangler denim/flannel shirt. Sounds cute.

  5. I like this look on you. Very youthful and the colors are classy.
    I have to say you are one brave woman and you look great no matter whose clothes you are wearing.

  6. Hi, Katrina. You're so nice--thank you!