Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 64: Black and Blue Again, and a Sweater Without An Alligator

Didn't I say that blue and black together was very fashion-forward? What I can't figure out is why the people who style these women didn't plan a little better. Isn't it like having the same prom dress or something?

Even though I'm guilty of having owned a lot of Ralph Lauren pieces during my life, I've never been a terribly label-conscious person. I don't mind a handbag with a subtle fob or a small metal indicia somewhere on it. But Lord save us from luggage with YSL stamped all over it or velour sweats with JUICY COUTURE on the backside. I confess to having that fling with the RL Polo guy decades ago--but, really, the shirts and sweaters were classic and cute, and where could you find them elsewhere? LLBean's didn't have banded sleeves for a long time as I recall, and Lands' End was just shapeless.

You're probably not old enough to remember the first IZOD/LACOSTE craze in the eighties. The LACOSTE symbol is an alligator sewn onto the front of their clothing. Everyone used to run around trying to rip the alligators off and collect them--just like we did LEVI'S pocket tags. What the hell were we thinking?

If you go to the IZOD/LACOSTE link above, you'll read how they used to be one company, but long ago split into two. LACOSTE remains upscale. IZOD has stayed down in the trenches. That's probably why they're selling sweaters at Sam's Club.

I dithered on buying one of these sweaters. Its shape is a tad boxy for my figure and the V isn't quite deep enough. Sam's has it in pink, blue, and gray. On my last Sam's trip, I broke down and bought one because I knew they were 100% cotton--and I'm tired of poly/acrylic blends.

I know this is a photo my mom and my dentist will love because of my grinning corpse head. Love the pale blue color of the sweater. I tried it with a light blue blouse, but there was no contrast and the blues didn't complement each other. You can't see that I'm wearing black cords. (Thus the whole blue and black thing.)


IZOD sweater: $17 (Sam's Club); To the Max blouse: $3 (clearance WM-$16); Calvin Klein Cords: $18 (Sam's); Earrings: $7; Earth Spirit shoes: $30     Total: $75

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Cute!

    And you have a terrific smile! No putting down the Laura smile! : )