Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 75: Six Pounds, Four Ralphs, and That's Enough On Both Counts

Why is this woman smiling?

I haven't the faintest freaking idea, because she's gained a solid six pounds since the days just preceding Halloween. I know. As my darling husband says every time I whine about my weight, "No one wants to hear the skinny girl complain that she's fat!"

Okay. I'll buy that. But I am exceedingly distressed that, with each passing day, I'm feeling ever more thankful for that hint of spandex in my $15 and $18 blue jeans. Also, muffin tops are hardly photogenic. I'm having a hard time posing so that you can't see that the non-genetic reason I have very little waist is that I can't keep my paws off the chocolate, chips, and Decaf Mocha, Extra Hot with Whip, Non-Fat Cappucinos (I get the whip to make up for the non-fat, of course). I'm getting old, I know, and I shouldn't still be obsessing about this weight thing. It's such a curse. When I'm a hundred and four and in the nursing home, I'll probably be the lady asking for the tummy-control support hose. How sad.

I've mentioned before (ad nauseum, I'm sorry) that this is a weather-related tendency I have. Cold weather makes me want to slather myself in chocolate and Lay's chips and hide in a cave. Could there be any better proof of our physical connection to our environment and the universe as a whole? I'm still no better than a raccoon. But now I'm thinking that this year's impressive record (it was only five pounds last fall) means we might be in for a rough winter. Take heed!

In other news....

I now own four--count 'em FOUR--Ralph Lauren zip, v-neck sweaters from Sam's Club. There have been times in my life I've bought duplicates of things I really like, but this is definitely a new record. The new black one is pictured above. Here are the others:



Today's ensemble:

RL Sweater: $23; Faded Glory Jeans: $15; L.E.I. Shoes: $20; Earrings: $8; Necklace: $12

That's quite enough for today, don't you think?

{This post was scheduled to go up Monday. Don't know why it posted already. Days 73 and 74 will be up on Sunday.}


  1. We just discovered that our local confectioner sells chocolate and dark chocolate covered potato chips. That should help your situation, I think. Get both the chips and the chocolate out of the way at the same time. Oh, and they're $14.99 per pound, so you won't be able to afford very many all at once!! ; )

  2. Oh, Branda. I can't imagine! Wait. I can imagine. And I'm very handy at melting chocolate of all types, unfortunately.

  3. Oh, chocolate covered potato chips are delicious! Sorry, not helping... But they are!! :) I don't have either in the house at the moment (well, chocolate goldfish). Pity!

    I like the multiple RL sweaters. If only they came in a dark green...

  4. Chocolate covered bacon is horrible, so if you're ever tempted in that direction feel free to give it a pass.

    The sweaters are nice. If they sell Rit dye at the mother ship you can make that dark green . . .

  5. Haha, Paula (who I believe you know) LOVES chocolate covered bacon. It just sounds weird to me. Jason wants to try it though, he loves bacon.

    I am mad because Larry's House of Cakes moved in nearby (like very very near!) and being diabetic I CRAVE everything they make and yet have to avoid them. (And Jason can't pass them without buy cookies!)

  6. OH NO!!! Not Chocolate Covered Potato Chips!!! I'd rather not know they even exist!

  7. Carrie--Chocolate goldfish?!

    Maggie--Okay, you've never told me this bacon thing. This worries me.

    Becca--Paula? I believe it. She has adventure in her soul. I'm sure she'll make some for Jason!

    Yes. Larry's House of Cakes. Carrot cake to die for. Don't go there!!!