Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 61: If I Had Sufficient Dignity, I Wouldn't Be Telling You This....

Have we discussed the pajama problem? Probably. But it comes up every day for me and continues to be a major issue. I pondered it at length, with many photos, at Notes From the Handbasket months ago. Of course, the Walmart project has made things even more complicated.

Eight weeks ago, the weather was pleasant enough for sleeping in cotton tees and cutie-pie cotton shorts that I certainly wouldn't wear beyond my own kitchen. (Okay, maybe to take the dogs outside first thing--but we are very far from the road.) Now, the nights are chilly. And what kind of sleepwear is available at the mothership? Mostly polyester, and plenty of 60/40 cotton/poly. The kind that pills, itches, and wears out quickly.

I want cotton, darn it! And maybe cotton flannel for uber-cool nights.

This is what I bought today, much to my chagrin:

Yep. I will be wearing 100% cotton Eeyore jammies ($7). Now, to be fair, I did own a darling set of flannel Piglet jammies--shorts and a 3/4 sleeve top. But that was well before I turned forty and I bought them at the Disney store because I was feeling whimsical and they were marked down. I don't know. I like Eeyore, but, really, these seem a little desperate, don't you think? I didn't get the matching waffle weave graphic top. I went to the sweats dept. and bought an $8 100% organic cotton tee shirt. It's soft.

Here are the other jammies:

These were $13. ($15 online--what's up with that?) This I can't figure out: I wanted to buy a pink or gray set instead. But the pink and gray versions were all 60/40 cotton/poly. Only the black ones were 100% cotton. I thought that maybe it was a labeling mistake, but it was the same for the nightgown version. I wonder if it has something to do with the black dyes.

Anyway. No glamour in the Benedict boudoir this winter. More's the pity.

Saturday's ensemble:

See. Told you I couldn't wait to wear this again!

The last time I wore it was on Nov. 2nd, so it's almost been two weeks. Wish I could go the whole year without repeating outfits, but that's just not going to happen--just as it doesn't happen in real life. I did add That Damned Necklace ($7) and later in the day, my F'aux Uggs for comfort. A friend told me that I looked like Maid Marian, and I have to agree. As shown, the ensemble cost about $70--about $17 more with the sheepskin boots and necklace.

Tomorrow: Almost a pantsuit.

Have an enlightening week!


  1. Hey now, Eyore pj's aren't too bad. The important thing about pyjamas, in my mind, is comfort. You definitely don't want them to be itchy or to pill - who can sleep that way?!? *laugh*

    I can not wait to go pj shopping. My cute Mutts "Relax" and "Believe" pants have come to a holey end. *sigh* You didn't happen to see any Tigger bottoms, did you? : )

  2. I don't mean to be hard on Eeyore--I just think I'm too old. My daughter makes fun of me. Comfort is definitely critical!

    Tigger? You know, there might be some Tigger in the new fleece Disney stuff. And plenty of Tinkerbell. :)

  3. Oh! I looked at that outfit and that's what I generally wear for writing. Not Eoyre, I have shark pj pants, but a t-shirt and loose pants are perfect for hours spent in front of the computer at home.

  4. Hi, Liana! Comfort is absolutely key when writing--I agree. I love the idea of shark pjs, and wear t-shirts and loose pants all the time. (Well, when I'm not Walmarting anyway....) Hope you're getting lots of writing done!