Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Forty-Seven: (Insert Zebra Vocalization Here)

The last time I wore a Halloween costume was for my daughter's party nine years ago. I was an Egyptian princess of some sort and probably bought it online somewhere.

A good friend recently told me about reading a Karl Lagerfeld quote on the transformative power of fashion. Costumes provide the ultimate transformation, don't they? At first I wasn't sure what motivated me to dress up this year, but now I think that transformation has become a kind of habit over these past few weeks. So when I saw a zebra-stripe turtleneck at Sam's Club a few weeks ago, I was suddenly once again excited about becoming someone (something!) else.

One thing I forgot about turning myself into a zebra--I forgot that they have bristly black manes. P said I looked a little like a white Bengal tiger. But every small child I saw while trick or treating with my son Halloween night pointed at me and declared me to be a zebra. That works for me!




Chaus turtleneck: $15 (Sam's Club); Hat: $5; Scarf: $5: Gloves: $3; L.E.I. boots: $29; Black jeans: $15 (On sale at Dillard's last year*)

Total: $72

I made the ears and braided tail from yarn, felt, and pipe cleaners. Hint: When misusing a hot glue gun, don't try to peel random hot glue drops off of your skin until they cool. The top layer of skin will come off. Just saying....

*A small confession. I had to invoke the "evening gown exception" rule because I tried to buy black jeans at my nearest Walmart and couldn't find a pair that fit me. I forgot to look at another WM, and found myself facing a chilly H'ween night in thin cotton leggings. Sometimes one just can't suffer that much for fashion. I give myself a pass because they were on clearance last year and were some off-brand at Dillard's. I didn't want to fib about it. I'm a terrible liar. It's just not worth the angst.

If you can, feel free to post your (family-friendly) costume pics in a comment!

Have a fabulous week!


  1. hey beautiful

    LOVE the Zebra costume! Adorable. Halloween is ever so great -- my feet are still killing me though from my costume. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the zebra costume! Leyton was Thomas the Train, but I've no idea how to post a picture in comments, so I'll just say he was the cutest Thomas ever. ; )