Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 60: Survey Says....

Got the funniest survey from the Planet Mothership today. Seems I returned a Norma Kamali shirt that I bought online over a month ago, and the powers that be were fretting why, oh, why? Was it something they said? Did? Was it the price? And how did I return it? On gossamer wings? By post? In person?

First they wanted to know what department it came from. Would you believe that I had to fill in "other" because apparel wasn't on the list? How odd. Then I had to tell them why I returned it. I think I had to settle for "ordered wrong item" because didn't fit wasn't on the list. Odd, again. One wonders if they're new to this whole customers returning clothes thing.

Then I messed up and said I'd returned it to a store and replaced it at a store. But of course I had to page back and change it because I would've had to DRIVE 100 MILES to get anything Norma Kamali, let alone a shirt for which I could have had no expectation of being in stock. I do recall that the shirt was still available online--though I haven't yet worn it.  (It's summery and dressy)

At the end of the survey I mentioned the whole having to drive to the ends of the earth to get the NK brand. We'll never have it here in So Ill. Never.

It would've been nice if they would send me a coupon or something for my trouble. I love how companies act like they're offering surveys to enhance their customers' shopping experience. Maybe so, but they get plenty of my money--they don't need more of my time as well. Probably won't answer another survey from them unless I have something really grumpy to say. Though I did give them major kudos for their easy return system and their unfailingly knowledgeable customer service people. I swear, you have to be like an MBA/prison guard/Mary Poppins to handle their exchange systems. Those people are pros. Just don't go to customer service on a weekend or anytime during December or January except on a Tuesday morning at 4 a.m.


Okay, so this picture kind of cracks me up. Like the grimmest senior (citizen) portrait ever!

Ralph Lauren sweater: $21; Faded Glory blue jeans: $15; f'aux Uggs: $33; Silver cross necklace: $15; Silver earrings: $12          Total: $96

Happy Middle of November--Go play in some raked leaves!

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